Month of Jun 2020: June has eclipses, planetary shifts, and major aspects bringing massive changes professionally and perhaps a change of direction.

The sun is in Gemini for the first three weeks, along with retrograde Venus, highlighting communication, information, conversations, and negotiations. But on June 2, Mercury enters shadow phase and Venus clashes with Mars, followed by the sun-Venus conjunction the next day, bringing a turning point in financial and partnership negotiations.

Exciting opportunities are arising, bringing information, clarity, lucrative ideas, and attractive prospects. You could be renegotiating contracts, exploring options, and reevaluating decisions, arrangements, financial situations, and partnerships because you see another side to the story. This is a chance to renegotiate and reevaluate your way forward. But you’ll be revisiting these conversations in July, so be fluid and flexible as you learn information.

The Sagittarius full moon and lunar eclipse on the fifth bring matters to a head, major revelations, decisions, and forks in the road. International connections, travel, legal matters, higher education, and/or publishing contracts are some of the themes highlighted. If you're signing contracts, read the fine print. You have a vision and you can bring it to life, but it will require clear communication and teamwork.

Mercury stations retrograde on June 17, bringing security matters to the surface, marking a phase of renegotiation and reevaluation, and renewing leases and contracts. On a personal level, this is a chance to let go of old insecurities, self-limiting beliefs, and false perceptions that prevent you from reaching for your dreams.

The twentieth brings the Cancer new moon and solar eclipse wiping the slate clean and bringing you to a fresh, new start that sees you growing in your sense of emotional and material security.

As Venus stations direct on June 24, expect a turnaround in partnerships, negotiations, and financial agreements that have been stalled or difficult to resolve. There’s more to uncover, but it will be easier to get on the same page with partners or explore new opportunities that arise. You may even see the hidden opportunity in a situation, which could be the answer to your prayers.

Mars enters Aries on the twenty-seventh and remains here for six months. You have big dreams and you’re ready to go after them. Expect to feel driven and passionate, but you must pace yourself so you don’t burn out.

Jupiter meets Pluto on June 29, marking the second of three conjunctions (one occurred on April 4 and the next occurs on November 12), marking an ongoing global transformation. Massive global changes are unfolding, which will impact your business and a professional situation. Rather than try to hold on to what’s crumbling, let go of old ambitions and old dreams to make room for a growing vision. Seize the opportunity.

Finally, the sun meets retrograde Mercury on the thirtieth, bringing the clarity that has eluded you. You have a financial as well as emotional safety net, and you’re in a safe position to make the changes you’re contemplating. Release the past and you can restructure arrangements so they support your goals in this new world.

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