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Month of Mar 2019: “Start small, dream big” works for March. Take small steps and start building up as things grow a little every day. On March 1, Venus bonds you with others while in Aquarius and your sign of hopes, wishes, and professional ties. With lucky Venus, cooperative ventures succeed in the next few weeks.

Starting on the fifth, you have second thoughts that you hadn’t given a second thought to before now while Mercury retrogrades through the twenty-eighth. The next day, welcome a walk on the wild side with your feet solidly on the ground when Uranus joins Mars in Taurus.

It’s a lucky moon afternoon on March 7 and all day on March 8. Search and send out resumes if job hunting. You shine in interviews and meetings with the stars on your side.

On the fourteenth, move forward with a purpose and a plan when ruling Mars trines Saturn. The latter is in Capricorn and is the executive planet in charge of your career sign, whispering “persistence pays now” in your ear.

On March 20, enthusiastically welcome spring and the Aries sun. Mars trines persuasive Pluto to boost confidence over the next four days. Then on the thirtieth, Mars becomes the motor for thoughts and new ideas in versatile Gemini into next month.

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