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Month of Mar 2020: Mars, your ruling planet, is in your career sector in March, putting you on top of your game.

Saturn has been transiting Capricorn since December 2017, marking a period in which you’ve been establishing your career and authority, building a reputation, and working hard toward your goals. These are Saturn’s final weeks in Capricorn. Your hard work is being recognized, and huge opportunities are arising to move things to the next level.

The Virgo full moon aligns and Mercury stations direct on March 9, revealing the next steps. Clarify a vision and reach out to your network. A friend or connection could hold the missing piece.

On the nineteenth, the sun reaches the equinox, and you’re ready to make big, bold moves. This is a personal and professional peak moment and threshold. Remember your lessons of the past two and one-half years and stay anchored in your soul mission. 

Saturn enters Aquarius on March 21, and remains here until 2023, ushering in a new phase of furthering your ambitions, widening your net (and network), and manifesting your dreams. This isn’t just about your success; it’s also your gift to the world. Lead by example, with humility, and you can inspire the support you need from your community and friends as you work toward a common vision of uplifting a greater collective.

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