Month of Aug 2020: This is an action-packed month for your sign of the Ram, so buckle up and keep it moving. There are plenty of squares to your home planet Mars firing through your sign and getting you prepared for your destiny.

This is especially true for you starting on August 4 with a square between the red planet and expansive Jupiter. You could be met with some snags in your overall approach, but staying dedicated and never giving up on your vision will get you through almost anything.

This is some extremely maturing energy that requires you to stay on top of your game almost constantly. There might be many sleepless nights when you’re burning the candle at both ends, but once that match is lit, you are unstoppable and, quite honestly, capable of handling the most challenging of scenarios.

These squares reappear through much of this cycle, with a Mars-Pluto square on the thirteenth (but in effect two days before and after that date), and a Mars-Saturn square on August 24 (but in effect for three days before and after that date). These squares uncover secrets of the past and give you insight into what you once thought was doctrine but now is just an old way of being. It’s time for you to take control and allow your career to be fully yours and yours alone.

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