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Month of Mar 2020: Over the past two and one-half years, your ruler Saturn has been transiting your sign, asking you to shoulder greater responsibility. You’ve had to humble yourself and work harder than usual while rebuilding yourself from the inside out. Now, Saturn is in its final weeks in Capricorn, asking that you learn your lessons well.

On March 9, Mercury stations direct on the same day as the Virgo full moon, bringing revelations, realizations, and information showing the road ahead. Clarify long-term goals and a plan, then you can make wise choices that pay off well into the future and stabilize a financial situation. 

Saturn enters Aquarius on the twenty-first and remains here until 2023, ushering in the next chapter of your life when you’re deepening your sense of security and self-worth, shifting your focus to your income, financial matters, commitments, and values. 

You generally have more than a couple of sources of income, and you work hard for your money, but perhaps your biggest lesson over the next two years will be recognizing that money doesn’t determine your worth. Your integrity and values are more precious than all the riches in the world—stay rooted in those. 

It might mean financial cutbacks in certain areas and letting go of commitments you’ve outgrown. The more detached you are from financial gain, the stronger position you’ll be in to negotiate arrangements, stabilize a financial situation, and move to a place of greater security. Most importantly, dig deeper for your values. Then you can gain not just financially but in a growing sense of self-worth. Nothing is more valuable than that.

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