September 2018: September is about close attention to beginnings, which are the first steps to unfolding stories. This month’s transits positively accent all of the things you do with ease and expertise. On September 6, your ruling planet Saturn makes a direct turn that fine-tunes focus and reduces delays. Welcome again the power of direct perception.

On the seventh, the trine between earthy, practical Virgo Mercury and Capricorn Saturn facilitates winning through planning. It motivates you to be front and center with the expectation (accurate) that others will follow.

On September 10, Mars returns to Aquarius and your money sector. This occurs every two and one-half years and releases the old while renewing your spirit when it comes to the future. What do you want enough to achieve?

Venus sextiles Saturn on the twelfth, and while lucky in meetings with new people, it’s somewhat difficult. Should you hit snags, renegotiate in interviews and meetings on September 17, your lucky day. Search and send out resumes if job hunting.

On September 21, Libra Mercury is inspired, as you will be by reassurance from people in charge. On the twenty-fifth, the square between the sun and Saturn suggests the need for a compromise, perhaps from the same authority figure. Next month, you do just as many things with ease as you did this month.

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