Month of Aug 2020: Sometimes it's hard to even know where to start during this cycle, Capricorn. You have so much going on that you might need to stop and regroup from time to time. You've gotten through a large storm, and it's tough to say, but you’re only halfway through. Breaking up the difficult energy with some self-care will help you persist in the days ahead.

The entry of Venus into your opposing sign of Cancer on August 7 does bring some help in the form of a colleague or business partner. This can help you see past your own hang-ups and inspire you to stay on course.

Much of this month does bring some difficult squares, with Mars in fiery Aries squaring Jupiter in Capricorn on the fifth emphasizing your financial needs. This energy continues with an Aries Mars square to Pluto in your sign on August 13 (but in effect for two days before and after that date). This transit is meant to uncover some deep wounds from past career losses and allow you to consider all that you've learned since then.

The powerful squares continue with the red planet's square to Capricorn Saturn on the twenty-fourth (but in effect for a few days before and after that date) highlighting your career trajectory and asking you what you want for the decade ahead. There's a lot to be learned and understood if you’re willing to see the truth around your own need to control the outcome.

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