Month of Jun 2020: It’s a big month. June has two eclipses, planetary shifts, ingresses, and major aspects, bringing massive changes globally, as well as very personally for you, your life, work, partnerships, and business.

As June begins, you’re focused on work and daily routines with the sun and retrograde Venus in Gemini. Your relationships with colleagues and teammates are also highlighted. You have a lot on your plate, so make sure you’re also paying attention to your health.

On June 2, Venus squares Mars in Pisces and Mercury enters shadow phase, followed by the sun-Venus conjunction the next day. You’re learning information, bringing important decisions and creative solutions. It might mean cutting back to give you attention to what needs it the most. This is a work in progress. Keep the channels of communication open with partners and colleagues, and be willing to improvise as new information surfaces.

You’re being drawn inward as the Sagittarius full moon and penumbral lunar eclipse align on the fifth. If you’ve been burning the candle at both ends, this is a chance to rest and make time for some introspection. You can live a life of meaning that supports you and gives back to the world. Clarify a vision and you can nurture it daily and bring it to life.

On June 13, Mars meets Neptune in Pisces, followed by Mercury’s retrograde station on the seventeenth, highlighting communication with partners. Seek and offer transparency in all communications. Especially as Mars meets Neptune, there is the danger of confusion, overlooking important details, or, worse, a temptation to obfuscate the truth. But as Mercury stations retrograde, the truth is spilling out. This is a chance to revaluate and renegotiate important relationships and arrangements so they work better for everyone involved.

The sun reaches the equinox and the annular solar eclipse and Cancer new moon align on June 20. This is a new cycle for your relationships, offering you a chance to wipe the slate clean and make a fresh start.

By the twenty-fourth, Venus stations direct in Gemini, bringing turnarounds and solutions at work and with teammates. Not everything will change overnight, but at least you can begin to get things back on track again. On June 27, Mars enters Aries for six months, drawing your attention to security matters. You’re in a safe position, so you needn’t feel pressured, but this is a chance to put the past to rest before you step wholly into a new chapter.

Finally, on June 29, Jupiter makes its second of three conjunctions to Pluto this year, and the sun meets Mercury the next day, bringing a powerful personal transformation and clarity on your relationships. This is a moment of truth, and you’re shedding old habits and thoughts. Dig deep for your integrity as you let go of the conditioning that prevents you from manifesting your growing potential. Partners believe in you. Have more faith in yourself.

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