Month of Jan 2019: Home, family, and career compete even harder for your interest this month. All three capture your heart – it’s a photo finish.

On January 1, the sun conjoins Capricorn Saturn, the planet of seriousness about nurturing and support systems.

The fourth is a lucky day to schedule interviews and meetings. Search and send out resumes if you’re job hunting when Capricorn Mercury says people sense no one is a better expert than you. January 5 is not only a Capricorn solar eclipse but also another lucky day to see things in an entirely new light as you ensure you’re properly anchored.

The eleventh brings a key Capricorn conjunction between the sun and transformational Pluto, and the focus is on getting rid of what no longer works. The “why” of it is because you need to eliminate to make room for the new. While it isn’t easy to toss things, it’s Pluto’s way of getting you where you need to be.

On January 18, the sun squares open-minded Uranus and relationships flower. The aspect motivates reaching out, and the latter planet rarely fails to bring a few surprises.

Ruling Saturn sextiles Neptune, the dissolver, on the month’s last day, which is helpful in case of conflicts. It’s a transit you’ll appreciate next month.

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