September 2018: Assured and confident Pisces gets a green light in September. The positive attributes help you communicate thoughts and opinions, and you shine. This is a chance to make it big with ease. Speaking of interconnecting, September 3 highlights eloquence when Mercury sextiles Venus, the planet of “everyone loves you.” Two days later, Mercury begins a transit of Virgo and your partnership sector. “Alertness” is the keyword, and when the mind wants to notice things, let it look.

Saturn’s direct turn on the sixth ends the previous slowdown of activity in your sector of friendships, goals, and objectives. As of September 10, you see even more things that others miss when Mars reenters the sign of Aquarius. The future beckons. Listen to the messages around you.

On the twenty-first, Libra Mercury activates your shared resources sector, stimulating conversation about rewards for previous work. You might have discussions or decisions involving credit, backing, or payments. (Think “lucky day” for negotiations.) September 25 is that lucky day. Search and send out resumes if you’re job hunting. It’s an awesome time to schedule interviews and meetings under fortunate stars.

On the last day of the month, Mercury aspecting your ruling planet Neptune heightens creative imagination, and the ideas will serve you well next month.

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