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Month of Apr 2019: April promises career changes, perhaps even your own creation of strategies for future success. That’s the effect. The cause could be, although you feel settled, is something missing? On April 2, Mercury conjoins ruling planet Neptune and inspires visions. What do you see or intuit?

On the fifth, the new Aries moon stimulates a focus on money in the 30 days following the phase. A keyword with Aries is “impulsive,” btw.

April 10 is the start of a strong Jupiter retrograde in your career sign. Jupiter is fortunate but not speedy, giving results in backward motion. It is time to add patience to humble service.

The fifteenth and sixteenth highlight creative powers thanks to Aries Mercury and Venus enhancing productivity in your “money and how you earn it” sign.

On April 24, Pluto’s retrograde in your sign of hopes and wishes encourages an in-depth look at goals and perhaps eliminating ones that are no longer essential.

Retrograde Saturn on the twenty-ninth symbolizes the reaping of good in the good that you sow - if you’re willing to wait. This is a lucky day to plant something. It’s also a lucky day to search, send out resumes if job hunting, and schedule meetings and interviews. You get nudges in the right direction next month.

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