May 2018: Walk your talk in May – say what you mean this month. For example, on May 6, if you announce changes, make them. The sun sextiles Neptune, the dissolver, ensuring that problems will melt away and the results will be fortunate. Delay choices until after research and contemplation.

Someone may make something sound much more attractive than it is when Mercury squares persuasive Pluto on the seventh.

May 9 and May 10 are lucky days. Send out resumes and search if you are job hunting. Fortunate stars are on your side in interviews and meetings.

There are big planetary changes on the fifteenth. First, Uranus, planet of the unexpected, begins a transit in productive Taurus and your communication and decision-making sector. Energetic Mars enters daring, progressive Aquarius. And a new Taurus moon accents the potential for hearing good news and/or a new development. Be alert for opportunities.

You could have a second chance to respond to a missed offer during a fortunate trine between Jupiter and your ruling planet Neptune on May 25.

Mercury, the thinker and communicator, transits restless, knowledge-seeking Gemini on the twenty-ninth, nudging you to big accomplishments now. This is apropos when the full moon suggests it’s time to bring long-pending matters to completion.

“Moderation” is the keyword next month.

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