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Month of Mar 2020: Since December 2017, Saturn has been transiting Capricorn, highlighting your social networks, connections, and relationships with your peers, and teaching you to be discerning about the company you keep. Since December 2019, your career has moved to a whole new stage—literally and figuratively. Your audience, popularity, and reputation are growing. 

On March 9, Mercury stations direct just as the full moon aligns in Virgo, bringing partnerships to light. This is a chance to deepen financial and business connections that share your greater vision. 

Your network is widening, offering you a chance to cement relationships that can help you manifest your dreams. But if there’s any doubt, trust your intuition and move slowly until you have more clarity. As Saturn moves through its final weeks in Capricorn, learn your lessons of the past few years well, especially those lessons about boundaries and building trust, which takes time. 

As the sun reaches the equinox on the nineteenth, a friendship or social situation stabilizes and could be instrumental to your success. You could see at least one wish or dearly held aspiration become a reality. But now that you’ve manifested a dream, what’s next? 

Saturn enters Aquarius on March 21, and remains here until 2023, and you’re being drawn inward to soul search and dream a new dream. You’re realigning with an inner truth about your existence and connecting with a soul mission. Dreams can come true, but first you have to dare to dream.

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