July 2018: You may fantasize and plan, but carry things out in July. Go somewhere. What better time to do this than your lucky days! On July 2 and July 3 (two of four for you this month), turn moments to your advantage.

On the ninth, the transit of fortunate Venus in Virgo acts as a door opening to unexpected future treasures. Synchronously, the Cancer solar eclipse occurs in your sector of creativity and risk taking three days later. The most important opinion is your own during the eclipse, and with Mercury and the moon in a trine with ruling planet Neptune, you see every nuance.

A fortunate sextile between Venus and Jupiter on July 22 is a quick day trip to the land of expansive, profitable opportunity.

On the twenty-fifth, misjudgments could cause problems when thinking Mercury goes retrograde. The lesson here is calm, unhurried scrutiny (read the fine print) to avoid encountering minor annoyances. Two days later, the Aquarius lunar eclipse calls for separating emotions from decisions. Roll with it. It is your future destiny at work.

July 29 is a lucky Sunday evening to use to search if job hunting. Prepare resumes and cover letters to mail on Monday, another lucky day for you. This is also an opportune time for interviews and meetings. Changes are in the air for you next month.

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