Month of Jun 2020: June brings major developments, with two eclipses, planetary shifts, and major aspects opening up your social networks and deepening your sense of security.

As you enter the month, the sun and Venus are in Gemini, highlighting security matters. If you’ve been working from home, this could be an especially creative period that finds you in a new groove. Regardless, it might help to have a dedicated workspace at home where you're likely to be most creative.

On June 2, Mercury enters shadow phase in Cancer and Venus squares Mars, followed by the sun-Venus conjunction the next day, bringing you to a turning point. Hopefully, you can see you’re in a secure financial position and have the safety net you need within your community, with family, and with friends. A creative idea of yours now holds real potential.

The fifth marks the Sagittarius full moon in your career sector, bringing a professional situation to light. Significant professional opportunities could arise. You’re at the end of a cycle, but reflect on your goals and ambitions and consciously release the ones you’ve outgrown so you can explore the new opportunities. This is the beginning of an 18-month phase of transformation in your career.

By June 17, Mercury stations retrograde in Cancer, bringing developments in a creative situation or partnership and taking you back to the drawing board. There’s nothing wrong with an idea, and you needn't doubt yourself or your creativity, but this is a chance to dive deeper to rediscover your inner confidence and passion for your work.

On the twentieth, the sun reaches the equinox and the Cancer new moon and solar eclipse align, marking a powerful new creative cycle and drawing you to take a risk. You needn’t doubt yourself or your abilities. Be bold, confident, and authentic as you move forward.

Venus stations direct in Gemini on June 24, deepening your sense of financial and emotional security. Shortly after that, Mars enters Aries, and remains here until early January 2021. This is your income sector and the part of your chart that relates to your self-esteem, self-worth, and values. Over the coming six months, a financial situation is heating up. You can have the financial security you desire, but it might also mean that you need to make budget cuts to allocate resources wisely. It comes down to your self-esteem. Learn to value yourself and you can attract the resources you want and need.

Finally, Jupiter meets Pluto on the twenty-ninth, and the sun meets Mercury the next day, bringing a moment of profound clarity. This is the second Jupiter-Pluto conjunction in a series of three. The first occurred on April 4, and the next one takes place on November 12, marking a larger ongoing global transformation.

A social situation is evolving, and your network is expanding. Consciously release the aspirations you’ve outgrown as you explore a growing vision. You have the power to create a new reality and give back to your community in a meaningful way.

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