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Dissatisfied with the status quo and bored with the familiar? Perhaps you need to be creatively productive. The March 1 Virgo moon enlightens ideas, stimulates thoughts of changes, and motivates you to investigate opportunities. When it comes to transits, lucky Venus also trines auspicious Jupiter on that day.

Luck puts in another appearance on the fourth through the sixth, when the Pisces sun conjoins your ruler Neptune while Mercury and Venus enter your house of money and how you earn it.

On March 8, Scorpio Jupiter turns retrograde in your sector of expansion, in case you need to make an attitude adjustment. Not to worry. The planet is fortunate going either backward or forward. There are just slower benefits in the backward direction.

On the thirteenth, test your luck, dreams, and intuitions when the Pisces sun trines Jupiter.

March 15 and March 16 are lucky days to search listings and send out resumes if you are job hunting. This is an ideal time to schedule interviews and meetings.

On the seventeenth, the new Pisces moon puts life in your career if you start something new in the 30 days following the phase.

Patience and commitment to a good plan are key when the serious sun squares serious Saturn on March 29.

You’ve got to be the epitome of tactful next month.

Stellar Guidance


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