pisces Weekly Work Horoscope for the Week of October 10, 2021

Week of October 10, 2021

The week ahead is more introspective as you consider what you want to do in your career path and what you may even want to be known for. Pisces, reflect on your choices without asking others for their insight this week!

On Sunday, October 10, Saturn finally stations direct! Over the retrograde period, you have likely your career choices, especially your aspirations in your career. You may have wondered if your unusual aspirations or your path were correct despite being different. After all, you may have wanted to advance in an untraditional or atypical career. Now with Saturn direct, you are being asked to be accountable for your unique career path and choices. Own your career path and aspirations—no matter how unlikely or unusual it could be. Then the first quarter moon in Capricorn on Tuesday, October 12, is the time for you to take initiative in your industry to go after your aspirations!

Later, Venus sextiles Saturn from Wednesday to Thursday, October 13 to 14. This wonderful sextile will bring out the work you have done in your career path. You may see the beginning of your aspirations take off or even improvement in your professional development.