Month of Aug 2020: Without a doubt, you’re going through a time portal of psychological evolution that hasn’t always been an easy process. The month brings you the gift of taking some type of authority back into your own hands, and it gives you certain respect among your co-workers as well. Try not to seek nods of approval in any capacity, and instead allow things to happen for you without pushing the subject.

Mars in fellow fire sign Aries squares Jupiter in Capricorn on August 4, giving you a chance to hold your ground and fight for what you believe in. You might have to go against the grain in some capacity, even if others don’t approve of your opinions.

The new moon in Leo on the eighteenth helps lift the energy, giving you a brand-new perspective on your own life lessons and what personal research needs to be done in order to move forward. There's plenty of abundance to be found this month, despite any backlash you might get from jealous onlookers. Any time you grow out of an old way of life you might meet with some opposition, but that’s a true sign of how much you've grown.

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