Month of Nov 2018: Prepare to be amazed and amazing when your ruling planet Jupiter begins transiting Sagittarius in November, and Mercury precedes that visit to your intuitive and optimistic sign at the start of the month. Take notes about how you feel about what now.

On November 6, Uranus retrogrades back to Aries, re-stimulating good intentions with unexpected consequences. Surprise! Something you misplaced you find again.

On the eighth, welcome generous Jupiter in its once-every-twelve-years Sagittarius transit. It’s a lucky afternoon. Search and send out resumes if job hunting. The next day is also lucky. The times are also auspicious for scheduling interviews and meetings.

On November 15, Pisces Mars is inspired and receptive. The planet of action temporarily possesses mystical sensitivity over the next few weeks. The next day, lucky Venus turns direct and gets things back on track in your sector of friends and goals. A Mercury retrograde that day says it’s to your benefit to pause to notice what’s going on.

Synchronously, Mars squares Jupiter, pointing out habitual ways of doing things, even if at cross-purposes, on November 19. The conjunction between the Sagittarius sun and Jupiter on the twenty-sixth adds sheer luck over the next four days. Make positive “I” statements to eager listeners on November 27 when the sun conjoins Mercury. Next month, the good luck continues.

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