May 2018: Unpredictable Uranus begins a transit of your sector of job routine and co-workers in May. The transit is the beginning of a different world ahead through changes.

May 1 and May 2 are your lucky days. Search and send out resumes if you’re job hunting. Lucky days are auspicious for scheduling interviews and meetings, too.

There is something missing here!
On the eighth, the sun opposes fortunate Jupiter routine and behind the scenes with conflicting feelings. Solutions to problems you can’t see. Rather Zen: “dividing an elephant in half doesn’t produce two small elephants.” Think about it.

Unpredictable Uranus begins a Taurus transit on May 15, and a planet’s influence is always strong in the first ten degrees. This planet is going to want to release structure rather than cling to it. This goes along with Mars transiting Aquarius and your sector of hopes, ambitions, and friendship, where all three are stimulated to plan for the future. And the Taurus new moon is a perfect time to initiate something new.

On the twenty-fifth, Jupiter trines Neptune, accenting the above dealing with inner necessities being different from outer. What do you need? Really? This is a very fortunate ten-day transit.

May 28 is another lucky day.

Next month, greetings, workaholic! You’ve got lots to do next month.

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