September 2018: Mental flexibility is a plus this month. Stay open-minded and listen to other ideas. The key to success is to then investigate and deem whether the information is reliable. Direct your energy into how it can work for you. Synchronously, the September 5 Virgo Mercury transit sets a persuasive tone in your career sector. Communicate what you know over the next few weeks and watch people applaud your efforts.

The eleventh is the start of a fortunate few days that begin with a trine between the sun and your expansive ruler Jupiter. The next day, Jupiter and Pluto form an opportunity aspect. Rewards and recognition are symbolic as the planets inspire bigger-than-life dreams. Visualize and maximize the potential.

September 15 and September 16 are lucky days to search and send out resumes if you’re job hunting. Schedule interviews and meetings on Friday.

On the twenty-first, Libra Mercury highlights your social charm over the next few weeks. (It’s a great time to network). The friendly Libra sun trines future-oriented Mars on September 27, and inspired and assertive friendliness makes it easy to come to an agreement through the end of the month. You might be frustrated and need clarity on mixed messages you receive next month.

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