Sagittarius Yearly Horoscope

Year of 2024

While it’s true that more of your time and attention will be paid to your home life this year, ya still gotta make that money, right?! With Saturn’s position in your fourth house, it’s also time to think about new and improved career choices, including long-term business ideas. This is the time to start laying the foundation for success and financial security to better the future for yourself and your family—and pets count too!

This year’s Saturn placement has you feeling more responsible and centered regarding your career, Sagittarius, which can manifest in many ways. While you might be able to rely on a few lucky breaks here and there (especially when you lean in to your intuition), most of your success comes when you learn to recognize and own your need for job security and satisfaction and then do something about it! Doing what you’ve always done isn’t working for you this year, and putting an end to accepting less than you deserve can help you make major career strides.

Your career opportunities are again affected by the unstable energy of rebellious Uranus traveling with stubborn earth sign Taurus, which reminds you to keep a watch on your career from on a global level. Traveling around the world in some capacity might still be your dream job (crew on a cruise ship or pilot or flight attendant, perhaps?), but this unpredictable planetary duo continues to hold you back from being able to fully take advantage of certain daring opportunities. Something else will inevitably come along, but it might be a while before you can forgive yourself for passing up something so perfect. Sigh.

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