Sagittarius Weekly Work Horoscope for the Week of May 22, 2022

Week of May 22, 2022

Work is about to take a few twists and turns, Sagittarius!

Time to finish up any domestic duties under the last quarter moon in Pisces on Sunday, May 22. Lovely Luna is ready to swim away from your private responsibilities, so use this energy to wrap things up to focus on other personal pursuits. As this unfolds, Mercury retrograde leaves Gemini for Taurus. Part two of Mercury retrograde will impact daily operations at work, shaking up your otherwise consistent routine and work-life. Mercury retrograde will cause classic technological problems and miscommunication. So, back up your work, be thorough when completing tasks, and make a note on your calendar about any pertinent dates. Luckily, you may feel just as passionate about aspects of your job despite Mercury retrograde since Mars will enter Aries a few days later. Excitable and enthusiastic, Mars is ready to lead the way with your creative endeavors. Use this energy to launch projects, champion for your creative work, and even capitalize on your hobbies. But make sure you maintain the momentum instead of giving up moments after jumping into a new project. At the end of the week, Venus enters Taurus, helping you stabilize your work routine.

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