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Unexpected events can skew planning in March. However, the remedy is to work with your communication strengths.

As early as March 1 and March 2, you rock with high-spirited awareness as both Pisces Mercury and Venus trine Scorpio Jupiter. You “just know” what the needs are.

Venus and Mercury move to Aries, accenting animation and enthusiasm starting on the fifth and sixth.

Rather than its usual three-dimensional splendor, Scorpio Jupiter glows at about one-dimensional wattage at the retrograde starting on March 8. It means a slight delay in fortunate career benefits, but they won’t be denied.

The thirteenth and fourteenth are lucky days to search listings and send out resumes if you are job hunting. You should schedule interviews and meetings under lucky stars.

You’ll do better if you start realistically when Mars begins a Capricorn transit on March 17. Did anything memorable happen two and a half years ago when the planet last visited a sector in which you fulfill personal ideals?

Get ready to investigate and research beginning on the twenty-second, when Aries Mercury turns retrograde and starts withholding information in your communication sector.

Use it or lose the intense energy when creative and expressive Venus conjoins unconventional Uranus on March 28 and March 29.

Ambitious and supportive partnerships are the keys to success next month.

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