Month of Oct 2020: This could be a very enlightening month for your career, Aquarius. The challenge here is to let go of your preconceived notions about what success is supposed to look like. You are changing the game and giving it a new name.

The Aries full moon on October 1 adds to your creativity and is the perfect time to communicate your ideas to others. Maybe you didn't see something before that you now realize was right in front of your eyes. Reaching out to someone who can help you set it up logistically will add more organization. This is a group effort these days.

The new moon in your fellow air sign of Libra on the sixteenth triggers your thirst for knowledge and might have you diving into research that you once considered off limits. It's a bit of a spiritual awakening for your sign, and you’re ready to take some of the twists and turns that you've been avoiding for many years.

As the sun enters the steamy sign of Scorpio on October 22, you'll get in touch with a deeper side of yourself, and you might even feel more inclined to go on an internal quest. The real work starts from within, also highlighted by a blue moon in the sign of the Bull to end the month on the thirty-first.

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