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Month of May 2020: As you enter the month of May, you’re focused on security and money matters.

On May 4, the sun meets Mercury, followed by the Scorpio full moon three days later, highlighting your finances, business partnerships, contracts, tax matters, and/or power dynamics. This is the end of a cycle, revealing deeper potential in financial situations and partnerships and showing where you need to cut your losses.

Saturn entered Aquarius at the end of March, opening new doors. You’ve made connections who can help you materialize your goals. Now on the tenth, Saturn stations retrograde, marking a phase of strengthening networks and connections (drawing lines with others), rebuilding community, reworking a strategy, and reevaluating aspirations as your vision expands.

Venus stations retrograde on May 12, and remains so until June 24, marking a period of renegotiating important creative, financial, and business arrangements and partnerships. You’re learning information that’s showing you another side to a story and causing you to reevaluate your arrangements. Everything is negotiable, but stay true to your values and avoid compromising them at all costs.

Jupiter entered Capricorn in December, expanding your career and goals. Now as Jupiter stations retrograde on the fourteenth, you're discovering the greater potential in a situation, asking that you release ambitions you’ve outgrown to make room for a growing vision.

On May 22, the Gemini new moon marks a new cycle of communication. You’re learning new information, and you have more options than you thought. Be creative, think win/win, and you can renegotiate arrangements, polish a creative idea, and make choices that can pay off financially and in intangible ways.

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