September 2018: September’s theme is organization and optimum use of resources. What you have are thoughtful plans turned into profound actions as your result. Go for it!

On September 5, creative Leo Mercury aspects business-oriented Capricorn Mars, symbolically wrapping up details, as you should be with the planets in last degrees. On the tenth, Mars is future-oriented in Aquarius, helping utilize resources. (It’s time to network and create an audience for awesome plans.)

Lucky Jupiter sextiles “determined to make it big” Pluto on September 12, and the two create a ten-day series of opportunities. Dream big and achieve extraordinary success. On the eighteenth, “action right now” Mars aspecting surprising Uranus encourages taking advantage of the unpredictable over the next four days (here’s a spot for your keen insight).

September 24 and September 25 are lucky days to search and send out resumes if job hunting. You should schedule interviews and meetings under fortunate stars. Congratulations are in store if you bring something to completion under the full Aries moon.

On the twenty-seventh, a trine between the Libra sun and confident Mars accents your talent to grasp chances to lead and direct. When “How do I succeed?” is the question, the answer is appropriate hard work in October. Did you miss it the first time? You also have second chances.

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