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Windows of opportunity open in March, thanks to the help of influential people. In this light, when they ask how to be of help, you have to answer.

Start strong when Pisces Mercury and Venus trine Scorpio Jupiter, activating your communication, goals, and objectives sectors on March 1 and March 2. You have two days to take actions that will positively affect life in the near future.

On the eighth, Scorpio Jupiter turns retrograde and, in addition to the high-profile help, you have hidden sources on your side for the next few months. While you won’t experience denials, the motion change slows down the receipt of benefits.

Aries Venus squares your ruling planet Saturn on March 13, suggesting that you cement relationships (network) as a part of organizing your resources.

On the seventeenth, ambitious Mars enters your sign, a positive transit to use to your advantage. Mars is in Capricorn once every two and a half years, marking a new cycle. You should set new goals or revitalize old ones.

Take in as many ideas as possible when Mercury joins Jupiter in retrograde on March 22. You’ll find they come in handy in May. Actually, in this light, delays are quite fortunate.

Next month, sometimes too much patience creates minor problems.

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