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Month of May 2020: There are significant changes taking place in May as three planets station retrograde, drawing you to realign with a soul mission and vision.

On May 4, the sun meets Mercury, and there is a Scorpio full moon three days later, bringing important conversations and revelations about the path ahead. You’re nearing a fork in the road. Keep an open mind and you can make wise choices and course corrections as necessary.

Saturn stations retrograde in Aquarius on the tenth, drawing you on a soul search for your role in existence. You’re also becoming aware of subconscious blockages and self-doubt that have limited your progress. But with awareness, you can release yourself from them to make conscious choices.

Venus stations retrograde in Gemini on May 12, and remains so until June 24, drawing you on a deeper search for financial and material security. But what does security mean to you? Is it money in the bank (and how much)? Owning a home? Having a nest egg? There is no right answer, but this is a chance to break free of your parents' ideas and redefine what security means for you.

Jupiter stations retrograde in Capricorn on the fourteenth, opening the playing field in a social situation and your community. You know people within your social network who can help you further your ambitions and bring a dream to life. But you’re known for the company you keep, so choose your friends wisely.

Finally, on May 22, the Gemini new moon aligns. As you end the month, you’re deepening in your sense of security. What you seek is closer to home than you think. This is a chance to gather support for a vision and goal of uplifting the greater collective.

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