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Month of Jul 2019: How does motivation work for you? Does it prompt great performance? creativity? sincerity? You’ll find out this month. On July 1, theatrical Leo Mars animates your sign of the nature of your work and environment. Big on ambition and confidence, you make strides in July.

The solar eclipse on the second heralds new developments in your sign of creativity and risk taking. Here’s where your intuition about the latest trends keeps you ahead of the game through the end of the year. Take advantage this month with fortunate artistic and creative Venus, beginning on July 3.

The sun trines your ruler Neptune on the tenth, and it doesn’t get any better than that over the next four days - if you welcome change, that is.

On July 16, with a Capricorn lunar eclipse in your sign of wishes and dreams and Venus aspecting Jupiter, financial luck is on the menu.

The twentieth and twenty-first are a lucky weekend. You know the drill! Take advantage.

On July 31, a new moon in Leo and your sign of work routine is transformational. Things change, but in a good way (thank you, Venus). Stay on course with your new ideas. Things get going and offer great potential next month.

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