Cancer Monthly Dating Horoscope

Month of March 2024

As you get ready for the spring, it’s important to plant the seeds of romance when Mercury enters Aries on March 9. This is a great time to take the lead in your dating life. Define what you want and go after it. Focus on becoming your best self during the Pisces new moon on the tenth. It will lead you to better relationships in the long run. 

Love knows no distance or zip code when Venus enters Pisces on March 11. You can develop important relationships during your travels. There’s a strong possibility of a long-distance relationship or falling in love with someone with a different perspective. Be open, Cancer! 

However, your focus shifts from your love life to your professional life when the sun enters Aries on the nineteenth. Tackle your goals with determination and flair, because it could boost your reputation. You might even meet someone on a business trip when Mars enters Pisces on March 22. 

March ends on a domestic note during the lunar eclipse in Libra on the twenty-fifth. If you’ve been distant from your lover this month, make it a plan to spend some quality time with them as you balance your work and home lives.

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