Cancer Weekly Dating Horoscope

Week of July 14, 2024

You're going to have to deal with people in a serious and straightforward way through Wednesday. There's not going to be as much room as usual for fooling around thanks to easily bruised feelings. Things will start to balance out later in the week, and you should be able to get in some good times even while you're at work or otherwise on the clock. Think with your head rather than your heart this weekend and you'll stumble on the right conclusion.

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Weekly Love Cancer Horoscope

There's an especially chill vibe in the air. Single Crabs could find that the person they have been seeing for some time is ready to make it official in a long-term fashion. Before you say yes to the ask, ring, or new home, make sure it's what you're really looking for.  Midweek, it'll be easy to be disillusioned by a lack of clarity in your partnership. If you feel you're more invested than your other half or are ready to take leaps that your partner seems to be avoiding, sit them down and have the talk. If you've been together for a while, a...

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Weekly Work Cancer Horoscope

Let go so that you can feel confident, Cancer. Do not focus on your failures or missteps when the sun in your sign squares Chiron in Aries on Monday, July 15. The cosmic friction may bring up how frustrated you are with yourself and your career path.  Luckily, you can use this energy to do something about your professional progress since Mars in Taurus will conjunct Uranus in Taurus. However, your ambition and motivation may take you down a surprising road. Go into it with an open mind so your career path can flourish.  By the following day,...

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Cancer Daily Dating Horoscope

July 14

There's something big that you've got to take care of or get over, and you're not all that eager to get started. Take a deep breath and move forward.

Cancer Monthly Dating Horoscope

Month of July 2024

You’re feeling generous with your love and attention at the start of the month when Mercury enters Leo on July 2. In the heat of summer, Cancer, you’re ready to invest in a love affair. Just make sure you don’t give too much of yourself away. The new moon in your sign on the fifth is ideal for a...

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