Leo Monthly Dating Horoscope

Month of March 2024

Dating can take you to some exciting places this month once Mercury enters Aries on March 9. Asking bold questions on a first date can lead to amazing discoveries. Your best date night will be during the Pisces new moon on the tenth. Relationships take on new depths of intimacy as you explore taboos and kinks. *wink* 

Spring is about to awaken your deepest desires when Venus enters Pisces on March 11. This is a great time for emotional bonding in the bedroom as you and your lover explore your naughtiest fantasies. Don’t be afraid to get deep in every way, Leo. 

Especially when love becomes a grand adventure as the sun enters Aries on the nineteenth. Kick off the astrological new year by being open to new things, from new lovers to new kinks. It can lead to a rebirth of your love life when Mars enters Pisces on March 22. Focus on building intimacy as relationships grow. 

After a powerful few weeks, end March by confessing your true feelings to your lover during the Libra lunar eclipse on the twenty-fifth. Have that big conversation you’ve been putting off and discuss the future.

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A bright sun-Jupiter sextile on March 1 helps you welcome a month of romantic possibilities. As one of the best aspects for love and all things related to it, your good luck seems magical now. Don’t question it, Leo. On the ninth, quick-thinking Mercury partners with fiery Aries, so you don’t think too hard or long before you say what’s on your mind. This could cause a lot of tension in existing relationships and awkward silences in new ones. It isn’t your intention to hurt anybody’s feelings, but you also don’t mind if you do. Caring Venus...

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Venus moves into Pisces on March 11, bringing a sense of power your way, and you will be ready to tackle any challenge at work.  A rebirth takes place for you, Leo, when the sun, your ruling planet, moves into your compatible sign, Aries, on the nineteenth. This is a time of reawakening and new beginnings, so if you feel like it’s time to move on to the next project, make sure you align with this energy as much as possible.  This transit is also very timely because it’s on the spring equinox. The world is waking back up and feeling alive again...

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Leo Daily Dating Horoscope

March 4

If you're looking for love, now's the time to find it. If you're already hooked up, spend some quality time together. Sweet energy is pouring from your heart and you're irresistible!

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