Libra Monthly Dating Horoscope

Month of May 2024

The month begins on a sensual note during the Taurus new moon on May 7. This is your best date night as you let go of your hang-ups and embrace the feeling of being known. Don’t be afraid to get a little naughty. Enjoy some pillow talk when Mercury enters Taurus on the fifteenth. You’re willing to explore your kinks with a trusted lover.

Spring break creates ideal conditions for a spring fling when the sun enters Gemini on May 20. This is a great time to meet someone on your travels, connect with a long-distance lover, or date outside your usual “type.” Love is out there if you’re willing to seek it, Libra.

If you have a crush on someone, let them know during the Sagittarius full moon and when Venus enters Gemini on the twenty-third. This is a great time to confess your feelings and see where they take you as love becomes one big adventure. Take a leap of faith!

Approach dating with optimism and an open heart when Jupiter enters Gemini on May 25. Through the rest of the year, you can meet people from different backgrounds who will stimulate you intellectually and emotionally.


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