libra Monthly Dating Horoscope for January 2022

Month of January 2022

Start the new year by getting naughty when Mercury enters Aquarius on Jan. 1. Kiss a stranger. It could lead to a fun romance. Then spend a cozy date night in during the Capricorn new moon on the second. Bring your date home to see if they are “partner” material.

Unfortunately, your sizzling-hot romance loses its spark during Mercury’s retrograde on Jan. 14. Stay out of the dating game, and just enjoy the attention the full moon in Cancer brings you on the seventeenth.

Even the retrograde can’t keep you from falling in love when the sun enters Aquarius on Jan 19. Allow yourself to be playful in romance even if it doesn’t last. Avoid recycling old flames when Mars enters Capricorn on the twenty-fourth. While it might be tempting to go back to what’s familiar, Libra, it won’t help you grow.

After a difficult few weeks, Venus finally goes direct on Jan. 29, reawakening your romantic desire. Start by asking a family member to set you up on a date. Your best date night is during the Aquarius new moon on the thirty-first, encouraging you to start a new love affair to heat up the cold night.