Find Guidance this Fall with your October Premium Horoscope! Find Guidance this Fall with your October Premium Horoscope!

Pisces Monthly Love Horoscope

Month of October 2023

If you can get through the emotional intensity of the opposition between thought-provoking Mercury and your lead planet Neptune on October 2, you can have an amazing breakthrough. As a sign who tends to avoid the tough work sometimes, you’ll be glad to know there’s a reward for confronting your feelings now.

When appreciative Venus opposes strict Saturn in your dreamy sign on the ninth, the results are mixed. You want to look on the bright side, but you see too many red flags with a current romantic situation. You might have to go against your gut on this one, Pisces, which is painful but necessary sometimes.

The powerful connection between take-charge Mars and deeply sensual Scorpio and your expansion zone starts on October 11, encouraging you to act on your physical urges. Make the first move. Tell someone exactly what you want to do to them. Harnessing this transit’s raw sexual energy is empowering!

Romance is alive and well during the harmonious Venus-Jupiter trine on the twenty-first, which is more in your comfort zone. You love showing your bae or crush how much you care via little love texts with cute emojis. This aspect is proof that love doesn’t have to be aggressive to be effective.

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