pisces Monthly Love Horoscope for March 2021

By Mary Bergner

Month of March 2021 This Month

Your dreamy, intuitive sign plays host to the brilliant sun at the beginning of the month, highlighting all of your lovely compassionate personality traits. You’re an imaginative lover and a truly understanding partner, and you try hard to keep the peace. If you’re single, you might be a bit too idealistic when looking for your soul mate. The right person is out there, but you might have to try harder to find them.

There’s a promising new moon in your psychic sign on March 13, allowing you a glimpse into your romantic future. Pay close attention to recurring symbolism in your dreams because it could help you solve a pressing relationship issue or lead you toward your next great love.

Communicative Mercury enters your introverted sign on the fifteenth, so you won’t be all that comfortable expressing how you feel, especially to the world at large. While your friends might feel totally at ease posting the intimate details of their love life all over social media, you only share your romantic info with a trusted few.

March 29 welcomes a Mercury-Neptune conjunction that heightens your psychic awareness and helps you tap into your intuitive side. Tarot readings are an especially helpful tool right now if you need to find answers to relationship problems or want to know where you might find your soul mate. Use all of the occult-related resources available to you.