Pisces Monthly Love Horoscope

Month of March 2024

The beginning of the month hits you with a lovey-dovey Mercury-Neptune conjunction in your dreamy sign on the eighth that has you feeling all warm and tingly. Your heart is open, and even though you know you might get hurt, you’re ready to say yes to love, a million times yes!

A new moon arrives on March 10, also in your creative, romantic sign, encouraging you to indulge in deliciously dreamy scenarios that might or might not be real. As you live in your head during this lunation, you honestly don’t care much for reality. As long as you can envision it, you’re happy.

An idealistic partnership starts between Venus and your amazingly transformative first house on the eleventh, giving you more visions of what love could be like if you let down your inhibitions and actually trusted someone completely. Being 100 percent vulnerable isn’t easy for you, but you’ll do it for love. We love that you’re a hopeless romantic, Pisces.

Forceful Mars pairs up with your indecisive sign on March 22, which can cause a lot of internal struggles. Trying to present a confident exterior while being so doubtful on the inside isn’t easy to maintain. Someone—a current or potential lover—is going to figure out you’re a fraud, causing your pretty little picture to crumble. Stay strong. There’s more to you than they know.

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