Find Guidance this Fall with your October Premium Horoscope! Find Guidance this Fall with your October Premium Horoscope!

Pisces Weekly Love Horoscope

Week of October 1, 2023

The alignment between Mars and the South Node is making you feel more sensual and free. This means that you wanted to experiment with your partner in the bedroom. Or, you might want to go on a wild adventure with them to a place you've never been. The bottom line is that you are exiting your comfort zone and exciting your passions. 

To be honest, you might've even surprised yourself with what he wants to experience. As long as you are engaging in consensual acts and not harming others, you should totally allow yourself to engage in whatever makes your heart beat faster and opens your mind. You might even find your true self since you are not letting anything hold you back from embracing your innermost sentiments at this moment in time. The world is your oyster, so lean into every possibility.

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Weekly Work Horoscope

Where do you stand with your professional commitments, Pisces? You may have a newfound sense of purpose when you consider your position in your professional arrangements and partnerships when Mercury in Virgo opposes Neptune retrograde in your zodiac sign on Sunday, October 2. The opposition will encourage you to think about how you can manage your contracts, obligations, and relationships.  You may need to be more assertive by discussing your boundaries and expectations. As a result, this could lead to better opportunities in your work life...

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Weekly Dating Horoscope

Okay, so you thought you knew what was really going on. But sometime on Monday or Tuesday, that clarity will dissolve into a million different competing notions in your head. Let it slide, because by Thursday, the planet's emotional energy will closely resemble yours, and you'll be able to enjoy the mystery without worrying too much about actually solving it. If you have to deal with work or school issues over the weekend, try to lie low and let people do what they think they need to.

Pisces Daily Love Horoscope

October 01, 2023

You know intuitively how to go with the rhythms of the universe, Pisces. Your watery nature knows that life is not always what it seems! Today, as mental Mercury reaches the final act of his retrograde phase — known as the post-shadow period — your antennae will ding and stand straight up. This...

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Pisces Monthly Love Horoscope

Month of October 2023

If you can get through the emotional intensity of the opposition between thought-provoking Mercury and your lead planet Neptune on October 2, you can have an amazing breakthrough. As a sign who tends to avoid the tough work sometimes, you’ll be glad to know there’s a reward for confronting your...

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Pisces Yearly Love Horoscope

Year of 2023

You’re a starstruck romantic, but your tendency to idealize certain romantic situations can lead to disappointment time and time again. This year, however, your love life has enough balance to keep you from climbing to scary heights or dipping too low on that proverbial Pisces roller coaster of...

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