August 2018: With love warrior Mars retrograde in your sizzling eighth house, love is deep, hot, and meaningful. You think you can’t wait until the next time, and perhaps you won’t. The wayward goddess Venus is in your third house of communication, and you might spend a good part of the month sending e-mails hinting at deep love, but in the main, it’s poetic porn.

The solar eclipse shining on the house of “you belong to me” on August 11 impels you to get away from it all with this sexy lover. You not only want but need to loosen up the bod with old-fashioned lovemaking, but work could have you tied up in knots. Start this night off with a mutual, warm oil, full-body massage rubbed into any group of muscles and a sleeping tiger wakes. Who would dream that the timid Cancer actually takes control and makes August the most meaningful month of the year?

A quarter moon in torrid Scorpio and Mercury turning direct on the eighteenth pave the way to a deeper spiritual connection and an ecstatic sexual experience. The full moon of August 26 brings more of the same, even though you think what you’ve experienced can’t be surpassed.

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