June 2018: With Venus, the goddess of love, in your own sign of Cancer, you can’t seem to untangle yourself from your partner on the first weekend of June. Remember that, for you, feelings of love sometimes change into feelings of dependence. However, on this weekend, your own surefire, sexy inner lover banishes any of those latter feelings. Be prepared with a well-stocked refrigerator because this lovefest could continue far longer than you expect.

By the time of the new moon on June 13, you have managed to put as many hours into your romantic life as you have at the office. Everyone wins this month, and somehow you, timid Cancer, are more impulsive and less steadfast in your emotions. There could be numerous love affairs ahead.

On the twentieth, the quarter moon in secretive Pisces shines its light on what is hidden, and you have a strong inclination to do something covert. After all, no one will know, especially if you leave all cameras at home. It’s possible that one of your fears - abandonment, betrayal, possessiveness, or any of the seven deadly sins - could come out to play. Whatever the issue, this isn’t the month for power games but rather for compelling romantic intensity.

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