Month of Dec 2018: While you like a bit of high drama served with your affairs, risk is a no-no in your eyes and should not be part of a relationship, even though it sometimes does turn you on. You like to play it safe, but this month you do seem to listen closely to that little voice urging you to turn your romantic life up a notch and not get it stuck in an emotional traffic jam.

On December 6, a new moon in adventurous Sagittarius adds a bit of zest to your everyday romantic life. Mercury turns direct in Scorpio on the same day, and you could hear a startling bit of information that causes you to give in to a strong suggestion that steams up the windows.

The full moon in your own sign of Cancer on the twenty-second could weigh you down with emotions, and these emotions constrain your freedom of movement, especially in the bedroom. From this lunation until the end of the year, you manage to spend the bulk of your time concentrating on your sex life, and you come up with more ways to spice up the loving. Everyone wins this month.

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