Month of Jan 2021: Sex and emotions go hand in hand when Mars enters Taurus on January 6. You want a solid partner for the upcoming cuffing season. However, before you change your relationship status, you’d better make sure your lover wants to commit as well. You might have to deal with some difficult “what are we?” conversations when Mercury enters Aquarius and Venus enters Capricorn on the eighth.

Tension increases in the dating department when the new moon is in Capricorn on January 13. Try not to get into any arguments that could get nasty (and not in the fun way). Your best bet is to stay in bed—alone! Try to be open-minded when Uranus goes direct on the fourteenth. You may find it enlightening.

Take a small step outside your comfort zone when the sun enters Aquarius on January 19. Sure, putting yourself out there can be scary, but no risk means no reward! However, love gets emotional again when the full moon is in fiery Leo on the twenty-eighth. Watch out for any dramatic outbursts from you or your lover. Stay cool when Mercury goes into retrograde on January 30. Are they really ghosting you or is your phone busted?

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