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It’s hard to find that portal to romance when Mercury is retrograde. You could easily slip into the wrong door and you, ultraromantic Cancer, need to enter through the proper emotional entrance. For you, high drama is a plus, but leave out the risky situations. When a sexy stranger does walk through your office door, you could see something in his or her eyes, or feel a chill up your spine indicating that this could be a go.

Meanwhile the new moon in Aries on April 15 is nudging you toward action. Speaking of action, there is plenty of aggressive behavior in your career as well as in your erotic life, but make sure the romantic action is on your turf and far from the work scene.

On the seventeenth, when Saturn turns retrograde, nostalgia seems to be knocking on your door. Gourmet take-out, a four-poster, and candlelight are the path to seduction, and the wee small hours are the best time for real love to suddenly blossom.

You could be working around some harsh time constraints, especially on April 29, when the full moon in shrewd Scorpio shines its light on career matters while you have heavy-duty sexual matters on your mind. The good news is that you find time for both love and career in April.

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