Month of Dec 2020: Mercury entering Sagittarius on December 1 brings waves of emotion as many suitors ask for a night in your bed. Just have fun flirting. These flings won’t last long anyway. However, when the total solar eclipse is in Sagittarius on the fourteenth, take a break from romance and spend the night alone.

Trust your gut when Venus enters Sagittarius the next day. If you get some weird vibes from the person you’ve been messaging, it’s time to cut them loose. If Saturn reentering Aquarius on December 16 stresses you out, it’s time to get physical. Orgasms are great for stress relief. If you want to get some loving when Jupiter enters Aquarius on the nineteenth, you’re going to need to compromise.

If you want to get lucky during the second half of the month, you’re going to have to plan ahead when Mercury enters Capricorn on December 20. Put work aside in favor of lovemaking when the sun enters Capricorn the next day. You feel sexiest when the full moon is in your sign on the twenty-ninth. Slip into something sexy and make a list of all the naughty things (and people) you want to do in 2021.

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