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Month of Mar 2019: You’re springing into March with an abundance of seductive power. Spring may not be for a couple weeks, but you’ll be in full bloom when Venus enters Aquarius on March 1. Wise Aquarius adds some depth to your love affairs, giving you the close emotional bonds you’ve been craving. While it’s a kinky thought to be a sex slave, Venus in Aquarius will remind you that the balancing of power is equally sexy.

Retrograde Mercury has a horrible reputation for ruining plans and making life a mess. While that may be true for most signs, Mercury’s retrograde in Pisces starting on the fifth will actually benefit you. What most people forget is that a retrograde can boost creativity, which you’ll use in and out of the bedroom. The retrograde in Pisces can encourage you to be romantic and sensitive—two of your favorite things!

However, your sex life could take a small dip during the spring equinox on March 20. The full moon in Libra could darken your mood. Best to celebrate the beginning of spring by yourself.

Venus enters Pisces on the twenty-sixth, bringing you gentle, romantic love. Expect plenty of cuddles and sensual lovemaking. Have fun!

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