Month of Aug 2020: Take a chance on romance when the full moon is in creative Aquarius on August 3. If you can’t catch a hottie with your regular methods, try something new. Download a dating app or slide into someone’s DM. It’s okay to change your mind about what you’re looking for when Mercury enters Leo on the fourth. You might want a hookup or a serious relationship. Take your time in deciding.

You feel your sexiest when Venus enters your sign on August 7. Everyone with a pulse is interested in you, so enjoy the attention. You deserve it! However, be careful not to lead anyone on. Vesta enters Leo on the eleventh, warning you not to break someone’s heart by being unclear about your feelings.

Let your wild side out when Uranus goes into retrograde on August 15. Send your naughtiest thirst traps and use the eggplant emoji with reckless abandon. Show your crush what you got. Old flames try to rekindle themselves when the new moon is in Leo on the eighteenth. Do yourself a favor and extinguish them before you get burned. Ask for the loving you want when the sun enters Virgo on August 22. You just might get it.

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