Month of Jun 2020: You’re the serial monogamist of the zodiac, Cancer. But with Venus retrograde and Vesta entering your sign on June 3, you could be interested in playing the field. However, don’t get carried away. The lunar eclipse in Sagittarius could burn you if you play with too many hearts. Don’t make promises you can’t keep at the Uranus-Chiron semi-sextile on the tenth. These people may boost your ego, but do you really want to be a heartbreaker?

The thrill of the chase loses its appeal when Mercury turns retrograde in your sign on June 17. Casual hookups can be fun, but you want someone to cuddle with long after. Thankfully, the sun and solar eclipse in your sign on the twentieth could show you a prospect who wants to be with you for more than just a night. Neptune’s retrograde on June 22 will make you extra charming.

Venus goes into direct on the twenty-fourth and brings back past flings—much to your embarrassment. Fortunately, your new reputation seems to make people want you more. Mars entering Aries on June 27 may cause some additional bumps in the road to passion, but you can work it out.

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