Month of Jan 2019: Beneath the prim and proper Cancer mask, you do have some secret, slightly dark, erotic techniques that could surprise a new lover (or an old one). With a solar eclipse on January 5 in your seventh house of commitment (one of your favorite words), those provocative hidden charms come out into the light.

Uranus moves into direct motion the very next day, and you could be yearning to be back somewhere in time when sex was provocative and you were wicked. You could get your wish on the thirteenth when Jupiter squares Neptune, but be careful because you could be seduced into sexy antics that aren’t in your best interests. You also need to voice what you really mean and not let Neptune’s fondness for deception find you whispering promises you have no intention of keeping.

You like to lead an orderly life, and mysterious goings-on and sexy trysts (whether you’re looking for them or not) can be scary, so the danger continues until the supermoon lunar eclipse on January 21. You might want to create a safe place to discuss your affair and its direction because kinky sex is never easy for Cancer to walk away from.

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