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Month of Nov 2019: Sadly, not every day can be full of foreplay and cuddling, a fact that you know all too well when Venus enters Sagittarius on November 1, putting you in a dry spell. No biggie, Cancer! Use this alone time to relax and explore yourself more intimately. Your sex drive will come back to life when the full moon is in Taurus on the twelfth. A sexy person will open you up to new and exciting possibilities. Curious?

Satisfy that curiosity when Mars enters sexy Scorpio on November 18. Try something wild. It could lead to a new lover or a new turn-on! Your dry spell is officially over when Mercury goes direct on the twentieth, granting you some much-needed release. By November 22, the sun will be in Sagittarius and you’ll be in bed with your lover and giving each other some serious attention.

Sure, you have a thousand things you should be doing before the holidays, but on the twenty-fifth sex will become your main priority thanks to Venus in Capricorn. Your partner will be pleased. Get creative in the bedroom when the new moon is in exciting Sagittarius the next day. Perhaps a little whipped cream?

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