September 2018: Who likes behind-the-scenes action more than you, Cancer? After all, love is even more special when it’s kept secret. September 2 brings a quarter moon to your sneaky twelfth house and the even sneakier sign of Gemini.

You do find yourself in a conundrum, though, as heavy-hitters Mars, Saturn, and Pluto are in your seventh house of sharing both love and loot. And you do hate sharing. You need that partner, and not that you’re the most possessive of the signs (close, but not the most), at times your lover could also feel like a possession. If there’s anything you know how to do, it’s collect cash, expensive objects, and lovers.

The sun opposes Neptune on the seventh, and your current object of affection is blindsided by your mothering. After all, who doesn’t like to be nurtured? It does foster nostalgia, and nostalgia enhances romance. Whatever your sex, Cancer loves to switch roles - at times the child looking for a parent, and at other times the parent looking for a child. What’s it going to be this month?

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