Month of Nov 2018: The November 7 new moon is in Scorpio and your house of “you belong to me” and continues through the next two weeks to bring the hot intimacy and sexy bedtime chatter that stokes your Libra fire.

On the sixteenth, your ruler Venus in your own sign moves into direct motion, and this is the day when you could spread yourself too thin in the erotic love department. You’ll be getting a lot of attention, but you don’t have to take all those numbers.

On that very same day, Mercury moves into retrograde motion and you’re tempted to let everyone you meet think they have a chance. It’s rare that Libra doesn’t have a partner, and your actions this month could leave that partner dazed and wondering who you really are.

A full moon in chatty Gemini on November 22 could see you and your partner having a deep discussion about your flirtatious ways. It won’t be until the quarter moon of the twenty-ninth that the two of you actually attempt to do anything about the situation. This quarter moon has a boomerang effect, and while one of you might try to leave the relationship, you’ll be right back in a short time.

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