July 2018: Both Chiron and a quarter moon in the house of committed love on July 6 are pushing you into a new, sexier phase of your relationship.

Although you aim to please, you don’t have to say yes to every erotic position your partner dreams up during the solar eclipse in your house of authority figures on the twelfth. You could feel the rays of this eclipse for the next few months, and you have to stick to your own romantic standards - and your partner - like glue.

The July 19 quarter moon is in your own sign of Libra, and you could be ornery if you aren’t getting your way. Like it or not, with planets splattered in the Western Hemisphere in July, your partner seems to have the upper hand.

Your aggressive come-on still works best for you when reeling in a love, but confusion reigns on the twenty-fifth, when Mercury turns retrograde and you feel as though you’re reliving an old role.

On July 27, a lunar eclipse in Aquarius lightens the mood, and something as simple as new nightwear (or no nightwear) alongside a new sex toy can be that turn-on than moves the two of you onto that higher plateau of erotica.

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