Month of Aug 2020: You’ll do just about anything for great sex, Libra, but try not to go overboard when the full moon is in Aquarius on August 3 and face some unexpected consequences. We all know you’re horny. Just be chill about it. Search for balance when Mercury enters Leo on the fourth. If you’re solely focusing on getting laid, you could be ignoring other issues in your life.

The object of your desire continues to linger in your mind when Venus enters Cancer on August 7—even when your friends try to get your attention. Be present. You can fantasize later. Like when Vesta enters Leo on the eleventh, encouraging you to make all those naughty fantasies a reality.

Your mind continues to wander to your lover when Uranus goes into retrograde on August 15. Even if you can be with your lover at the moment, write down all your naughty daydreams for later. Your sex drive intensifies when the new moon is in Leo on the eighteenth. Could you get any hornier? The casual fling you’ve had all summer could turn into the real thing when the sun enters Virgo, leaving you more than satisfied.

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