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Month of Apr 2019: Spring has sprung and your sex life is blossoming right now, Libra. Thank Mars in fellow air sign Gemini for this boost of seductive energy that’s radiating off you. Your love life is on fire and your self-confidence is on the rise. Use this to your advantage and make good choices. Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.

Jupiter’s retrograde, starting on April 10, pushes you to take the lead in relationships. You’ve always been the shy and submissive type, but not this month. Become the dominatrix that has always been within and you’ll be surprised by how good it feels for both you and your partner.

Fiery Aries dominates the skies this month, first with Mercury entering the sign on the sixteenth and then Venus entering it on the twentieth. This will light a spark in your sex drive, making you a seductive force to be reckoned with. You are passionate, engaging, and impossible to resist. Now you can be the one who texts “u up?” and have the person come running to you. Let’s face it, Libra, you’re sexy and you know it. Remember to fully indulge in the romantic fun of this month or it’ll slip away.

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