May 2018: You are playing against the house this month, so take the time to relax because at times you could feel like you’ve used up your ardor and need to refuel.

Along comes a quarter noon in kinky Aquarius on May 7, and the refueling could begin with higher-octane blood running through your veins.

The next day, the boldly aggressive sun opposes lusty Jupiter, and if you aren’t careful, you could fall into an old bad habit that you can’t seem to shake, a habit called sneaking around.

Drama and secret rendezvous aren’t really your style, but a new moon in surreptitious Taurus on the fifteenth could move you toward that kind of romancing.

With aggressive Mars squaring volatile Uranus on the very next day, the climate around you and a certain irresistible partner heats up. You take everyone by surprise with this new and slightly sly behavior, and your love partner may be exhausted trying to keep up with your shifting amorous moods.

With a full moon in Sagittarius on May 29, your staying power could outdo itself. What starts as an evening of sexy play could turn into a contest of who has the most stamina (of course, you’re the winner).

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