Month of Jun 2020: A summer fling may sound ideal, but don’t settle for just anyone. There are plenty of fish on the beach. Vesta entering Cancer on June 3 reminds you of your self-worth. By the time the lunar eclipse is in your sign on the fifth, you’ll have many potential matches begging for a night with you. Take your time deciding. You’ll have a preference at the Uranus-Chiron semi-sextile on June 10.

Patience is not a virtue you’re blessed with, Sagittarius, but you’ll need it when Mercury retrogrades on the seventeenth, putting a damper on your sex drive. You might not be in the mood, but try to be kind to wannabe flames. Post a new profile online when the sun and the solar eclipse are in Cancer on June 20. Everyone wants to meet you, but don’t settle until you feel a spark. Don’t plan any first dates when Neptune retrogrades on June 22. Communication will be off.

Miscommunication pauses any romantic plans when Venus goes back into direct on the twenty-fourth. Mars entering Aries on June 27 will help you plan for the romantic weekend of your dreams.

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