September 2018: You must certainly know that you have the heart of a gambler, whether it’s in games of chance or matters of the heart. Mars, the red planet, is still acting out in September, and you could casually throw out a line and actually make a huge catch. Although you aren’t one to keep love a secret, with Jupiter in Scorpio and your twelfth house of sneaking around, you can’t help but hold your tongue during this affair.

Even though you’re holding this heavy secret, you’re feeling lucky. You aren’t just feeling lucky, you are lucky, and you wouldn’t be a Sag if you didn’t push the boundaries of that luck.

With a full moon in Aries and your fifth house of love as a dare on September 24, watch that this secret doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. Retrogrades are fated times, and as Pluto is still in retrograde motion, this could be destiny at work telling you that it’s time to let this special person - who seems to have your heart - in on your feelings.

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