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sagittarius Horoscope

Month of Mar 2020: We all have an idealized version in our heads of what we want our relationships to be like. However, if you hold everyone to such high standards, you bed will stay empty. Don’t lower your standards, but keep an open mind when Venus enters Taurus and Mercury retrogrades in Aquarius on March 4. Romance comes when you’re relaxed.

Take care of your emotional health when Mercury goes direct on the ninth. You can’t get it on when you feel down.

Stress gets the better of you when Mercury enters Pisces on March 16. Allow yourself to be vulnerable with your date. They could offer you the emotional support you need.

Romance gets hot in the bedroom when the sun enters Aries on the nineteenth. You’re really feeling each other—in every way.

Work your body on the dance floor when the new moon is in Aries on March 24. People can’t stop looking at you! Your sex appeal is off the charts and that could lead to a steamy night. Take the next step with your lover and suggest a trip when Mars enters unique Aquarius on the thirtieth. See if you can get a membership into the mile-high club.

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