Month of Jan 2019: On January 5, a solar eclipse in your second house of “you belong to me” is followed closely by the wicked little voice in your head coming from Uranus, the planet of twists and turns, as he moves into direct motion.

On the thirteenth, a quarter moon and Jupiter (your ruler) taking on the great deceiver Neptune finds you making a daring move on an unprepared partner. Neptune tempts you to move ahead with your wicked thought, and no one can resist you when you put on your “deeply in love” mask. Even you are wondering what’s up because you love those warm, fuzzy feelings.

As usual, you’ll grab sexual opportunities as they come along without considering the consequences. And on January 18, with slinky love goddess Venus in your own sign of Sag and Mars in the impetuous sign of Aries, your partner doesn’t stand a chance.

With the supermoon lunar eclipse in your fifth house of even more daring moves on the twentieth, this could be love in an undetermined destination, possibly out of town.

If your partner feels on shaky ground, that would be a very astute observation on his or her part about this time, but the Venus-Jupiter conjunction on January 22 erases any doubt. January is a cold month, but the two of you will be feeling nothing but heat as the days of this month pass. The stage is set for a love affair that could last all year.

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