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Month of Mar 2019: Your love life is on fire in March, Sagittarius, thanks to Venus entering Aquarius on the first of the month. You’ve never been one to tolerant a clingy partner, but March could bring you a close relationship that still allows you to have your freedom and independence. This can bring a breath of fresh air to your stale sex life.

However, the fierce passion in your sex life can be a double-edged sword. As a fire sign, you’re known for being a bit of a hothead, so Mercury's retrograde in Pisces, starting on the fifth, will affect you the most because it means slowing down. You’re an adventurer, but Pisces is forcing you to go slowly. Relax. Don’t lose your cool and ruin a good thing. It’ll all work out in the second half of the month.

The kinky full moon in Libra on March 20 – the spring equinox - grants you the ability to unleash your wild, adventurous side. This is the time to follow your heart and not your head. Doing this can lead to wonderful results. Take action and be open and affectionate with your lover. Jupiter is protecting you from any chaos that comes your way.

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