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Month of Jun 2019: Mercury enters Cancer on June 4, shaking up your world a little bit. A big romantic idea you’ve been waiting for doesn’t go quite as planned. Don’t get too downhearted about this. Everything happens for a reason. If a romantic relationship just ended, a new one is just around the corner. New opportunities can arise for you during this time, increasing the chances of you getting lucky, so take them! Allow the universe to guide your way.

The tensions of the first half of the month will melt away by the time of the full moon in your sign on the seventeenth. It’s a great time to hang out with friends and enjoy the magic that summer has to offer. Who knows? You might even meet someone spectacular who will make your whole summer special.

The dark clouds that have been hanging over your head give way to sunny skies when the sun enters Cancer and summer truly begins on June 21. Your mood will brighten and you’ll start to enjoy life more. This is the best time to say yes to that date, wear that sexy dress, and be fabulous. You’re cool for the summer, Sagittarius.

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