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The lunar eclipse of January 31 was in your own sign of Leo, and what it really amounts to is a hot star spelling “destiny at work” across the heavens. You can almost feel the drama brewing, and you expect to find relationship heat on the other side of every doorknob you turn.

The trollop Venus picks an argument with Jupiter, the largest planet in the zodiac, and she could enjoy the bickering so much that the makeup sex is beyond belief.

You might want to take this affair public on the night of the February 15 solar eclipse, which falls hard on the heels of the most romantic day of the year, Valentine’s Day. You can’t go wrong wearing red and presenting the best chocolates on the market. The wee hours end with an erotic twist that could be the launching pad for a full-scale soul-mate experience.

Leading with the heart is the Leo way, and with a quarter moon in mouthy Gemini on the twenty-third, you won’t be hiding your feelings from your pals, who fully enjoy the theatrics. Your zany side is offered up on a platter, along with other tempting tidbits, and there could be real relationship progress this month.

Stellar Guidance


The sun moved from Aquarius and into Pisces this weekend, bringing with it a chance for all of us to tune in to our intuition. Colin Bedell shares tips for each zodiac sign.

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