August 2018: Everyone knows it’s almost impossible to tame Leo of your wandering eye and adventurous spirit. In the eyes of casual observers, you Leos appear to have a slick exterior, one that isn’t easy to adhere to, but someone’s words or sexy maneuverings have managed to stick.

Mars, the fixer and notorious love bandit, is retrograde and challenging incorrigible Uranus on August 1, and an argument could be the result. Learn to surrender, Leo, if you want to hang on to what is a sweet, sexy situation.

A solar eclipse in your own daring sign on the eleventh is about yearning, and even through the hot August nights, this fervor keeps the fires burning bright. A single Leo is luring a new romantic interest into a sensual state of bliss with just words, but it might take until the full moon of August 26 before you conquer that one holdout. You may find it hard to believe that someone has managed to leave you wanting more, and the two of you are on the yellow brick road to the freewheeling relationship you’re always seeking.

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