Month of Dec 2018: You aren’t a rookie when it comes to taking chances, but under the light of the playful new moon on December 6, a four-week cycle of risky romance and suggestive dialog is coming your way. Your frisky erotic nature comes out to play in December, and your significant other loves every minute of the drama.

Mercury is direct in big-talking Sagittarius on the twelfth, and you could make a promise you can’t fulfill. If you’re already in a relationship, you might find the two of you taking different directions.

You could take advantage of the longest night of the year on December 21 and ratchet up the lovemaking. An elegant setting combined with enticing (un)dress does enhance the whole experience, and the holiday season is really the time for glitter and glamor.

The full moon in Cancer on the twenty-second shines on your twelfth house of secrets as you steal away and experience that elusive and profound state of bliss called love. The magic of an approaching new year inspires you to seriously address your feelings because your partner might be getting tired of promises.

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