June 2018: The first weekend of this month could be when you really show your deep and involved side, and a special someone could catch a glimpse of your soul. With Venus, the goddess of love, in your spiritual twelfth house of behind-the-scenes love and part of a hot and sexy grand water trine, you can’t seem to get enough loving. You may draw on your innovative physical prowess to try to bend someone to your will. Not everyone is for you, and while you know that, sometimes it doesn’t seem to be true.

Lions fall in love easily, and the new moon in your house of love on June 13 could strike like lightning. You want an experience with the divine, and that means something different to you than it does to other signs. For you, it’s a time for your two souls to vibrate on the same wavelength.

Whether you’re attached or unattached, the full moon of June 27 tempts you to sneak off with a buddy. However, if the connection doesn’t take you to a profound state of bliss, you could lose interest just as quickly as it was stirred.

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