Month of Jan 2021: It’s cuffing season, Leo! Let’s cuddle! Mars enters Taurus on January 6, making romance more sensual and tender as you settle down with a steady partner for the next few months. Choose wisely. By the eighth, you might be happily committed with your new lover when Mercury enters Aquarius and Venus enters Capricorn, making love a more intimate bonding experience. You can delete your dating app—for now.

The best date night is when the new moon in Capricorn makes you want to go out on January 13. Maybe a nice hiking date or a fun snowball fight? However, Uranus turning direct the next day could bring some conflicting emotions. Do you want to play the field or stay with your lover?

You’re a bold sign, but tone it down when the sun enters Aquarius on the nineteenth and makes you extra flamboyant, which may not gel well with your partner’s personality. Keep it chill until the full moon is in your sign on January 28, making you feel sexy and glamorous. Strut your stuff! Pay close attention to your partner’s behavior on the thirtieth. Mercury goes into retrograde that day, which could throw your love affair off course. Watch out!

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