October 2018: It’s all about you this month, Libra, especially under that silvery new moon in your own sign on October 8. Confidence and sex appeal combine their energies, and you could literally find yourself stirring a brew of romantic adventure sprinkled with sassy words. The combination of a retrograde Venus and an accidental brush with vintage Sinatra warbling “the things we did last summer” whirls you down memory lane. As if by magic, a chapter in your life you have literally buried in a time capsule resurfaces.

A quarter moon on the sixteenth in “sex with your clothes on” Capricorn, whether in real life or in a dream, brings you face to face with unfinished business. Suddenly, some of those deeply buried erotic thrills saunter in front of you like ghosts taunting you to be remembered.

Around the time of the full moon in sex-driven Taurus on October 24, the door of memory opens even further, and you’re willing to take a step back in time. A reenactment of a sexy crime isn’t far behind.

The month’s last day allows your desires to run rampant, and even the most willful “I’m in control” Libra surrenders to seduction.

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