Month of Feb 2019: February starts off with a bang as tension and aggression show up in your relationship - and I don’t mean sexual tension. In fact, Venus entering Capricorn on February 3 could cool things down in the bedroom. Don’t panic - it’s not forever. If you survive this without losing your sanity, your romantic connections will grow deeper, turning into more sensual and intense sex. We all know the best part of fighting is making up.

Things look up in the second half of the month as Pisces saves the day. Mercury on the tenth and the sun on the eighteenth enter emotional Pisces, exacerbating your feelings. You’ve been lacking self-confidence lately, but Pisces will release you from your inhibitions. Let that freak flag fly, Libra!

Valentine’s Day will be a romantic time for you. While others have an issue expressing themselves when Mercury is in Pisces, you can express your feelings and opinions with complete clarity, perhaps because you bring balance to Pisces? Speak your truth. Your powerful intuition will guide you into making the right choices. Never be afraid to ask for what you want, whether it’s commitment or hair pulling - you just might get it.

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