Monthly SexScope: libra

August 2017
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This month you might find yourself taking a romantic risk you never intended on August 2, when Uranus turns around and stares you right in the face with a sexy taunt. What a turn-on for your partner, who might just want to present you with a challenge of his or her own. The dialog could grow confessional, and when those past escapades or old hurts come spilling out, they create the necessary intimacy for real love to grow and for you to focus your attention on pleasure. What was at one point a lighthearted tryst could become a serious bond at the Lunar Eclipse of August 7 in “I can’t get enough loving” Aquarius, and you could mistake this affair for the real thing. Maybe it is and maybe it isn’t. The gods seem to look the other way at month’s end, but you aren’t quite ready to let the world know what a good thing you have. The single Libra meets someone who seems to have all the ingredients for the real thing, and it just feels as though you’re under a powerful, lusty spell. You couldn’t be happier.

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