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If there is anyone who doesn’t live by others’ rules, it’s you, Libra. With Mars in your own sign opposing Uranus in Aries on December 1, you could be lured into what is over-the-top lovemaking even for you. A full moon in party-happy Gemini on the third moves you toward even sexier misdemeanors. You can be surreptitious, and you will be when that little voice in your head is not just whispering but screaming for you to go ahead and do the deed you’ve been fantasizing about. For the single Libra, if there is someone at the office who is particularly appealing, it could be on or about the new moon of December 17 when you catch his or her eye. Always the creative quick thinker where love is concerned, it might mean replaying an old erotic scenario or two and being even more successful with the revisit. Even if you are already in a relationship, you may have been secretly longing for the rush that comes with new love. December, with all the holiday glitter, provides an additional rush of its own, and you could find yourself getting to know that new hot prospect better than you ever expected to.

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