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Your partner may be asking for a bit more wiggle room. You don’t want to let go of a good thing, so you acquiesce to his or her demands. On October 5, a full moon in Aries is all about irresistible attraction and feeling as though you’ve found your one and only, but isn’t that always the guise of new love? Toss a Venus-Mars conjunction into the mix and you could come face to face with unfinished business, whether in real life or in a dream. A deeply buried erotic thrill could come back to life. Around the time of the new moon in your own sign of Libra on October 19, the door of memory opens even further and you’re willing to take a step back in time. A reenactment of the sexy crime can’t be far behind. The cosmos is alive with diverse, loving, and sexy energy in anticipation of a weekend that glows with the promise of happy days ahead. On October 26, the Sun and Jupiter, the largest stars in the Zodiac band, expand your own feelings and allow desire to run rampant. Even the most willful “I’m in control” Libra can and will surrender to seduction.

Many Moons

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