Month of Jul 2020: You are having a beautiful summer of love, Libra! What could rain on your sexy parade? A misunderstanding could lead to big problems in paradise when retrograde Saturn enters Capricorn on July 1. Keep your sense of humor, and by the time the full moon is in Capricorn on the fourth, it will all be a funny story to tell everyone later.

The Ceres retrograde on the seventh could lead to some big changes in your fling. Do you want to see your lover after the summer is over? An ex-lover comes back from the past when Chiron goes into retrograde on July 11, bringing some serious drama. Luckily, all is forgiven when Mercury goes back direct on the twelfth. Get ready to make up, Libra.

Make it official if you want to when the new moon is in Cancer on July 20. Celebrate with some dirty talk and intimate conversations. The sun entering Leo on the twenty-second will bring hot days and even hotter nights as you enjoy connecting with your lover in many ways. Jupiter sextiles Neptune on July 27 and brings some unexpected competition for your partner’s heart. Don’t let the green-eyed monster ruin your fun.

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