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Month of May 2019: May starts off as a bit of a drag for you, Cancer. Mars is still in Gemini until May 15, making you moody and exhausted by broken promises and getting ghosted. Don’t swear off love just yet. When one door closes, another opens, especially with the Uranus-Neptune semi-square on the first, bringing new and interesting people into your life. Give it a chance!

Things heat up when seductive Mars enters your sign on May 15, along with lovely Venus entering friendly sign Taurus on the same day. Suddenly, your hibernating sex drive springs back to life. You’ll be dropping jaws all over town without even batting an eye. Those new “friends” you made earlier this month will be begging for a night with you. Enjoy this rediscovery of your sexual energy by getting a little kinky - you’ve earned it! Just make there’s a lot cuddling and sweet talk after.

The hottest night of the month is the eighteenth, with the full moon in Scorpio promising you a night of passion and sensual new experiences. Come in with an open mind and heart and you won’t leave disappointed - if you leave at all!

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