Month of Nov 2018: A new moon in uninhibited Scorpio on November 7 begins a month of sexy days and nights. As this lunation shines its silvery light on your private love nest, the temperatures could soar even though it’s November. Love within your own four walls promises to exceed even the highest expectations.

Although you can’t wait to get back to your love nest, Leo loves the night life, and setting the erotic mood with the right lighting is in order. On the night of the sixteenth, salacious Venus turns direct, and she means business as she throws her hat in the love arena. One word describes the mood and that word is “sex-sational.” The single Leo could succumb to the temptation presented by a new face.

The magic begins with a disappearing act, and with a full moon in your ninth house of “let’s get (far) away from it all,” you flee the scene. The two of you love to talk about love. In fact, you could talk yourselves into being in that state. With both of you in the zone, the physical part of the relationship is just icing on the cake.

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