Monthly SexScope

On the first day of March, the erotic scenario played out with the aid of a full moon in your second house of “you belong to me” brings an extra dose of caution to the emotional tug at the heartstrings. It may not be until mid-April that you are sure of what you’re feeling, but it’s a great ride in the meantime.

It will be difficult to avoid falling in love fast and hard around March 11, with a slinky Mars-Uranus trine and the already existing quartet of Pisces stars in a tight body lock. You may not be able to discern between fact and really exaggerated fiction that weekend.

On the seventeenth, a new moon in Pisces and your house of “close the door and toss away the key” causes erotic sparks to fly both now and into the foreseeable future. It’s as though you remember the bedroom before you remember the face. What you do know is that you want to keep this connection quiet.

The end of the month has yet another full moon, this time in Libra. The last Saturday night of the month finds you chattier than an amorous affair allows for, while falling more deeply into this sexy abyss with no thought of extricating yourself.

Grounding Elements - Crystal of the Moment


This Saturday, Venus meets up with Neptune in dreamy, otherworldly Pisces. Get ready for some magic! Olivia Pepper explains.

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