September 2018: Ever the dramatic lover, you do like steamy affairs. Although Mars has been retrograde for the greater part of this long, hot summer, he’s still acting out in September. A relationship could end in a gigantic blaze. The other stars seem to be looking the other way, but in actuality they may have been aiding and abetting this romantic tyrant.

Certainly, seductive Neptune is playing his part when he opposes the sun on September 7, adding confusion to the daily deed. You live your life on a big stage, Leo, and the attention you receive makes the job of being your partner difficult to maintain because there’s always someone willing to take on that challenge, and your partner knows this. All in all, September is about passionate and throbbing sex, which isn’t foreign to your nature, but typically you’re more about drama than commitment.

The sun enters the titillating sign of Libra on the twenty-second, and now it’s time to discuss feelings, a subject that usually leaves you tongue-tied and fidgety. A full moon in passionate Aries on September 24 adds a fated dimension to this saga, and you two could end up in a commitment.

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