Month of Feb 2021: Your life starts feeling like a quirky romantic comedy this month, starting with Venus entering Aquarius on February 1. A random meeting with a sexy person could lead to major fireworks. The new moon in Aquarius on the eleventh could bring a new relationship into your life or take a current romance to the next level.

The sun in Pisces shines a light on your intimacy issues on February 18. You want to build a strong emotional connection with your current flame, but something’s holding you back. Allow yourself to be vulnerable to transform your relationship for the better.

Fortunately, opening up will be a lot easier when Mercury goes direct on the twentieth, creating smoother communication between you and your partner. Take the emotional plunge and discover more about them when Ceres enters Aries the next day.

Your dating life seems like something out of a dream as Venus enters pensive Pisces on February 25. However, be careful. Are you really forming a bond with this person or just falling for the idea of them? Good sex doesn’t always equal a soul-mate connection.

Finally, keep your ego in check during the full moon in Virgo on the twenty-seventh. Being obsessed with someone will only create chaos.

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