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Month of May 2019: May starts out with a nonstop party of fun and excitement as you enjoy Mars still in friendly Gemini. It will be easy to get a little lovin’ with no strings attached. Venus is in Aries during the first half of the month, bringing some new and attractive acquaintances. Enjoy all the flirting you like, but don’t get too attached.

Hot-and-heavy romances stop in their tracks when Mars enters emotional Cancer on the fifteenth, giving you a major case of the feels. You might want to take things to the next level, but your lover just wants to hook up. You might be tempted to push your love and affection onto a certain person, but that would be unwise. They’re just not that into you. No worries. Things will balance out for you soon, Libra.

Things pick back up for your love life when both the sun and Mercury enter fellow air sign Gemini on May 21. The sun-Mercury couple in a compatible sign lightens things up for you. You’re not into anything serious right now, but flirtations, hookups, and lighthearted fun are on the horizon for you.

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