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Sexy siren Libra does an about-face and takes a long look backward in March. On March 1, with a full moon in your twelfth house of past lusty affairs, one of those seemingly once-in-a-lifetime love crimes creeps back into your life sometime before the vernal equinox. You may still look reluctant, but you readily jump back in feet first, and this particular sentimental journey is once more alive and kicking hard.

Reminiscing is not your strong suit. You also want action and plenty of it. Desire runs rampant, and it’s easy to surrender to seduction. Knowing when to let go might be a problem.

On the seventeenth, a new moon in Pisces joins a quartet of Pisces stars making wild and crazy music in the heavens. This heavenly chorus creates a kind of romantic frenzy, and you could come face to face with unfinished business and a deeply buried erotic thrill.

Always turned on by sex on the edge, Mercury turning retrograde in your own seventh house of forever-after love stirs these bigger-than-life memories on March 22. Is that copy of the Kama Sutra still in the drawer? For the unattached, these feelings rekindle love, and what you feel you want is a legal commitment.

Stellar Guidance


The sun moved from Aquarius and into Pisces this weekend, bringing with it a chance for all of us to tune in to our intuition. Colin Bedell shares tips for each zodiac sign.

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