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A full moon on March 1 heightens the sexual tension in an already simmering affair and takes off in the direction of deep sexual repair. Sag can spin the most erotic tale, and with ease you talk your partner into play-acting an old familiar scene. Always with the grandiose gestures and your command of language, your partner may begin to feel like a character in a film or novel.

When the new moon in Pisces adds its input on the seventeenth, it’s almost as if you’re liberated to be exactly who you are, and you don’t have to adhere to social norms that you’re out of step with most of the time. Now you can retreat from the buzz of social life and zero in on the unfinished business of a relationship that haunts you.

Those complicated communications and blurred details may raise their troublesome heads on March 22, when Mercury moves into retrograde motion, but you persevere and resume this hot relationship. All your poetic words are enhanced by the retrograde. Your partner’s heart is literally in your hands.

Will I ever find true love? Find out if "the one" really exists.

Grounding Elements - Crystal of the Moment


This Saturday, Venus meets up with Neptune in dreamy, otherworldly Pisces. Get ready for some magic! Olivia Pepper explains.

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