November 2018: On November 7, with the new moon, the sun, and Jupiter in your twelfth house of sneaking around, the place where karma springs a sneak attack, you could accidentally stumble into another relationship.

It all begins on the sixteenth, when Venus makes her move, her big move into direct motion, and you already know who the next love interest will be.

It’s going to take more than a glib answer or two to get out of this jam because on the same day Mercury moves into your own sign, “talks too much” Sagittarius. Then on November 19, Mars challenges your ruler Jupiter and you, someone who really knows how to bend the rules, twist them until they’re unrecognizable. Hang in there. You’ve juggled two relationships before.

The Gemini full moon of the twenty-second has strong desires, and so does your long-term partner. To add to the planetary pressure, one week later, on November 29, a quarter moon in Virgo shakes up one of the relationships as easily as a kaleidoscope rearranges its myriad crystal shards. This is no time for the meek or mild mannered. You might have to don your superhero cape.

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