July 2018: While you always have your sexy on, Sag, this month a quarter moon in your house of dramatic love on July 6 brings with it a decadent air - and not just in the bedroom. Your ruler Jupiter turns direct on July 10, and nothing is stopping you from conquest. Is the erotic intelligence all Sags carry in their DNA nothing more than the ability to know a compatible sex partner at first sight, or is it more than that?

The solar eclipse in your eighth house of one-on-one intimacy on the twelfth brings new and secret weapons. No stranger to smoldering encounters, this month the usually lighthearted Sag might want to wallow in the murky depths of old-fashioned lust.

The July 27 lunar eclipse in Aquarius enhances the heat, and you want to stamp your brand on that special person, so strong is the drive to be part of a sexy duo. You’ll be taking a big bite out of life this month as you dive into the deep waters of a new relationship, so be sure to have a life jacket on since you just aren’t comfortable in captivity.

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