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sagittarius Horoscope

Month of Nov 2019: This is your month, Sagittarius! Venus enters your sign on November 1, encouraging you to get laid. You may meet a sexy stranger who will keep you warm during the chilly nights. Invite your lover to go on a hike when the full moon is in Taurus on the twelfth. You’ll get a full-body workout in more ways than one.

Mars entering moody Scorpio on November 18 puts a damper on romance. You and your lover might be interested in two different things. Tensions will smooth themselves out when Mercury goes direct on the twentieth, making it easier to communicate what you desire. If you want something, just ask (or beg).

We all know stimulation is important when getting it on, but when the sun enters your sign on November 22, remember to stimulate your partner’s brain as well as…other parts. A verbal sparring match can be its own type of foreplay.

Venus enters Capricorn on the twenty-fifth, encouraging you to get some sleep (yes, just sleep). You need to rest up for when the new moon is in your sign on November 26, bringing you plenty of sexual energy for the rest of the month.

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