Month of Nov 2020: November starts on a sultry note as Mercury turns direct in Libra on November 3, blending sexual energy with romance. You’ve never been much of a cuddler or one for whispering sweet nothings in someone’s ear, but you’ll gladly make an exception now. Sex continues to get more intimate when Ceres enters Pisces on the ninth. Lovemaking becomes powerful with an emotional connection.

Take it easy when Mercury enters Scorpio on November 10. Your sex drive may be lower than normal, and you could be more interested in taking a nap than answering flirty text messages. Take a break if you need one, Sagittarius. Fortunately, your sex drive comes back when Mars turns direct in fiery Aries on the thirteenth, making you ready for action. Lovemaking becomes sensual when the new moon is in Scorpio on November 14, creating an evening of quiet intensity.

You’ll feel sexiest when the sun is in your sign and Venus is in Scorpio on the twenty-first. You’re ready for action and have your mind open for some kinkier activities. Fun!

However, the penumbral lunar eclipse in Gemini on November 30 may cause some problems in your current love affair. Address these issues head-on so it doesn’t kill your good vibes.

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