Month of Feb 2019: Venus may be leaving your sign to enter Capricorn on February 3, but it’s still emotional blue skies for you this month. Capricorn adds seriousness, commitment, and responsibility to your love life, which could lead to feelings of doubt and low self-esteem. The fourth brings the new moon into Aquarius, so use this time to trust your intuition.

The second half of the month becomes more difficult for you as Mercury moves into Pisces on February 10. You’ll have trouble interacting with others. Your thoughts and feelings may not come across as well as you’d hoped. Miscommunication is always frustrating, but you take it more personally than most. Dry spells don’t last forever, Sagittarius, so use this time to take care of yourself. Valentine’s Day may be quiet, but at least there’s discount candy the next day!

The nineteenth could be a trying time for you as the new moon in Virgo brings narrow-mindedness and emotional turmoil that not even a relaxing face mask can fix. This is the time to reevaluate your exception[?] for both you and others. Meditate, do yoga, and if all else fails, your trusty vibrator can help you release some tension.

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