Month of Oct 2018: Whether it’s new love or that certain someone secretly tugging at your heartstrings, take time out when Venus moves into retrograde motion on October 5 to arrange a romantic rendezvous behind closed doors that just might last for the next six weeks.

So, there you are, just going along quietly maintaining your reputation as a footloose, fancy-free lover when you hear that distant bell reminding you that your need for meaningful love is suffering dreadfully from neglect. The tenth is a day alive with possibilities for intimate love to grow, especially as you near the witching hour, at which time Venus gives Mars her well-known come-on.

A full moon in possessive Taurus on October 24 shines its light on your private thoughts, and for you, those thoughts are an aphrodisiac. At this point, you’re also spreading your special charm as though it were butter on warm bread.

Both words and food will be your passport to the kind of sexual expression you’re yearning for on this special night. The thirtieth could be the most magical night of the month.

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