Month of Dec 2018: On December 6, a playful new moon in your sign and Mercury moving direct in Scorpio bring out your “break all the rules nature. The very next day, Mars and Neptune tempt you to move ahead with a sexy and wicked deed you’ve been dreaming up.

On the weekend of the twenty-second, a full moon in Cancer begins whispering in your ear, and you want to give the gift of a new erotic beginning as the two of you plan a journey. But for you, the thrill comes from the physical contact, not the scenery.

On the last night of the year, the sex-driven moon in Scorpio trines “I’ll be whatever you want me to be” Neptune, and the hard to pin down Sag could succumb to the magic of these two love planets. You’re aware of your own immediacy issues, and on a night like this they’re out in full force. This is an important relationship, and though the conversation remains playful, tonight you give your all and your partner loves it.

Sag doesn’t scar easily, and you may have felt more than your share of arrows. You’ve learned through experience that there is a time to tease and a time to be serious.

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