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Month of Apr 2019: With Mars in Gemini, your love life will be your main concern this month, so take action. Attractive people will be receptive to your vibe and want to get to know you. Jupiter’s retrograde, starting on April 10, boosts the effect you have on others and helps you put your best foot forward when flirting with potential dates. Be optimistic that things will go your way. Don’t focus too much on words. Instead, focus on the importance of body language.

Things will really start to heat up with the full moon in Libra on the nineteenth. Libra’s balanced and tender energy allows you to open yourself up to a special someone and get your point across. Play your cards right and this could be a start to something beautiful - or at least a fantastic one-night stand.

For the rest the month, the planets are moving in the direction that will make this month the hottest yet. With Mercury and Venus entering Aries during the second half of April and Mars in Gemini, there’s no way you can lose. Have the confidence to reach out, meet people, and really let someone into your heart - and bed.

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