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Month of Nov 2019: November may be chilly, but your sex life is fired up thanks to Venus entering Sagittarius on November 1. The Archer is here to help you with your game and make sure you always hit your mark, whether it’s landing that date or hitting your lover’s sweet spot.

However, your wild romance spins out of control when there’s a full moon in Taurus on the twelfth, grounding you back in reality. You’re having a lot of “feelings,” and you don’t know if the love you’re feeling is real or it’s the sex “high” talking. Sort those emotions out, and get back out there when Mars enters seductive Scorpio on November 18. A romantic date may just be what you need.

If your sex life has been a little chaotic, fear not! Mercury goes direct on the twentieth, restoring order to your bedroom. Don’t log on to that dating app just yet! Instead, take this time to rest up. Venus enters steady Capricorn on November 25, encouraging you to swap your lovemaking marathon for a cuddle session. No worries. You can go all night when the new moon in Sagittarius on the twenty-sixth makes you hot and ready for action!

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