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Month of Jul 2019: Half the planets are in retrograde this month while the other half are in fiery Leo. Is that going to ruin your summer fun? No way! While the rest of the signs are in a panic, you’re enjoying all the chaos. This month will be hot, hot, hot!

Starting on July 1, Mars enters Leo, giving you the confidence you need to go after that sexy special someone. You’re oozing with sensuality, so don’t be afraid to lay on your world-famous charms. Things only get more romantic when Venus enters Cancer on the third and makes everything lovey-dovey. Could this summer fling become something more?

While everyone else is panicking over Mercury’s retrograde on July 7, you are doing fantastic. However, while you may be feeling great, your partner might be having a rocky time. Remember to be sensitive to other people’s feelings. Choose your words carefully.

If you really have something you need to get off your chest, wait until the twenty-seventh, when Venus is in Leo to give you an extra boost of confidence. If you can navigate this emotional time, the new moon in Leo on July 31 will reward you in the best ways.

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