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cancer Horoscope

Month of Jul 2019: I know, Cancer. This summer has been a major dry spell. It seems like everyone has had some summer loving but you. But it’s not too late to get out there! Venus enters your sign on July 3, bringing major excitement into your life. Put on a sexy outfit and your sensual charms will draw people in.

Unfortunately, things get heavy when Mercury and Chiron go into retrograde on the seventh and eighth, respectively. If you’re still in love with your ex, DO NOT go back to them! Instead, think about all the things you want and deserve in a relationship. Take time to heal, but don’t forget about what’s going on in the rest of the world.

Your mood starts improving when the sun enters bubbly Leo on July 22. Go out and have some fun! Lovely Venus may be leaving your house on the twenty-seventh in favor of Leo, but the fierce Lion will help you ease back into the dating world. Say yes to that date. It could be everything you’ve been looking for - or at least a steamy night. Make no commitments until July 31, when Mercury is direct again and your head is clear.

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