Month of Aug 2020: Summer may be ending, but your sex drive is just getting started when the full moon is in Aquarius on August 3. Lovemaking becomes exhilarating with plenty of pillow talk to please you. Romances continue to heat up when Mercury enters Leo the next day. You have your eye on someone, and they’re attracted to you. Scoop them up before someone else does.

Happy accidents lead to happy endings (wink, wink) when Venus enters Cancer on the seventh, turning your life into a sexy rom-com. Just go with the flow, Sagittarius, especially when Vesta enters Leo on August 11, forcing you to navigate a maze of emotions and relationship drama. Yikes! Keep calm and try to hear all sides of the story.

Use the retrograde of Uranus on the fifteenth to play matchmaker with some of your friends. Everyone deserves to be as sexually satisfied as you are. Get frisky with your lover when the new moon is in Leo on August 18 by encouraging their kinkier side. It will be a fun night for both of you. However, keep your sex life to yourself when the sun enters Virgo on the twenty-second. Things are too good to share with others.

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