aries Monthly Work Horoscope for March 2021

By Lisa Stardust

Month of March 2021 This Month

This is a very fast-paced month for you, fiery Aries! There’s a lot going on right away with Mars moving into your compatible sign of Gemini on the third of the month. This is going to make for a somewhat chaotic but fast-shifting energy—your favorite kind. You may have trouble keeping track of your ideas, so having a notebook with you is going to be your best bet for keeping everything straight.

On March 13, the moon moves into your sign, which means you’ll need to be careful about asserting yourself anywhere you aren’t already in a leadership role. Using this energy cautiously could get you noticed for a promotion, however, so don’t make yourself too inconspicuous during this transit.

You’ll need to exercise the same caution when the sun enters Aries on the twentieth, but don’t miss this opportunity to get noticed by colleagues, peers, and higher-ups on this date.

The following day, Venus enters Aries at zero degrees, and you’ll be sure to see the results of all your hard work—it might even be the day you get that raise—but no matter what, good news should be coming regarding your career. It’s also a wonderful time to take some calculated risks in your work. Trying new things and pushing boundaries can also bring you the attention you desire at work if you use it properly!