aries Monthly Work Horoscope for May 2021

Month of May 2021

After many months of competiveness and combativeness on the work front, there is plenty to be happy about on the professional level right now. You have several wins and incredible opportunities on the way right out of the gate when Mercury and Venus strengthen the communication sector of your chart on May 3 and May 8, respectively. This is the perfect time to discuss your vision and start a to-do checklist relating to your career goals. You might want to make additions and changes to it when Mercury begins its retrograde journey on the twenty-ninth.

As the month progresses, you’ll be able to stand fiercely in your power during the new moon in Taurus on May 11. This is a pivotal time to make a new financial plan that can help you attain monetary success in the future.

The lunar eclipse in Sagittarius on the twenty-sixth could inspire you to take a leap of faith and invest in ideas you fully believe in. The payback will be worth it, but it will require a lot of patience (which, given your impulsive nature, you’re not really known for).

Be careful during Mercury’s backspin, which begins on May 29. This frenetic energy could cause a little upset or miscommunication in your professional relationships, but your patience and naturally sharp wit will help you smooth matters over in no time.