aries Monthly Work Horoscope for February 2021

By Lisa Stardust

Month of February 2021 This Month

February is quiet on the work front, which is much needed after January’s intense transits. This month, you will be focusing more on asserting yourself and getting paid the income you deserve.

That will prove extra important during the Aquarius new moon on February 11, followed by the Saturn-Uranus square on the seventeenth. Be sure to stand up for yourself and demand that you be respected at work. You might even receive some praise from your boss for all of your effort and dedication.

The caveat is that your colleagues could get a tad jealous of your success when the sun shifts into Pisces on February 18. It’s important to set boundaries with your co-workers to ensure that no one oversteps at this time.

All will be forgiven during the Virgo full moon on the twenty-seventh. You’ll be able to decipher who is your trusted colleague and who isn’t. Chances are you’ll be cutting people from your team who aren’t doing their due diligence and carrying their weight on projects. Your input is important, so be open and honest with management about who you feel should stay, go, or be transferred to another team or department. Your feedback on such matters is pivotal. Pay attention to what transcends.