capricorn Monthly Work Horoscope for October 2021

Month of October 2021

The new moon in Libra on October 6 is a pivotal time to revisit an old professional opportunity.

If you’re feeling shy about going full force toward the job, then you might want to check in with a colleague, boss, or someone else in the know. This could prove beneficial to your professional future, mostly because you’ll be back on their radar. A simple e-mail could give them a nudge to remember your talents and abilities. You might even receive a few projects or recognition from your professional circle.

Mercury’s planetary retrograde that began on September 26 and lasts until October 18 can work in your favor if you take the suggested action. When your planetary ruler Saturn turns direct on the tenth, there could be a tinge of insecurity about reaching your goals, mostly because you’re comparing yourself to the competition. No one can do the work you do in the way you do it. Don’t feel less than. You are unique in your field.

With a little more confidence and self-esteem, you can find your wings and soar to new heights this month. The full moon in Aries on October 20 can help you get back your tenacity, courage, and strength, leading you into Scorpio season on a high note.