Pisces Monthly Work Horoscope

Month of April 2024

This month will encourage you to trust your instincts and tap into your intuition when making decisions at work. Your imagination will guide you toward new approaches and opportunities for work. April will present you with opportunities to align your pursuits with your spiritual values and creative vision.

Mercury will be retrograde in Aries from April 1 to April 25. There will be some challenges in communication as well as delays in anything you are trying to get done. Allow your empathy to connect with others in order to smooth over any misunderstandings.

Use the energy of the new moon in Aries on the eighth to manifest the type of opportunities you want. There will also be a solar eclipse that day, so expect changes that will work in your favor. You will find success by mixing your business endeavors with purpose and compassion. You will impact others positively and strive to create meaningful connections this month.

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Monthly Love Horoscope

Your attempts at humor (especially sarcasm) can at best fall short and at worst really hurt someone’s feelings during the Mercury retrograde in crude Aries that starts on April 1. Although you might not be able to stop some of the hurtful words from leaving your mouth, a quick and sincere apology means a lot. Your impulsiveness and/or aggressiveness might surprise you when temptress Venus moves into bold Aries on the fourth, but this is the time to capture something exciting and captivating. Although you might feel self-conscious at first,...

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Monthly Dating Horoscope

This is not a great month for dating because it’ll be hard to see your own worth when Mercury goes into retrograde on April 1. Energy vampires might try to steal your confidence, so shut them down now. Instead, focus on pampering and treating yourself when Venus enters Aries on the fourth. If you do try dating, look for people who hold your same values during the solar eclipse on April 8. As we get into the heart of spring, put yourself out there when the sun enters Taurus on the nineteenth. This is a great opportunity for coffee dates,...

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Pisces Daily Work Horoscope

April 13

How will you decompress, Pisces? This week may have been financially strenuous and even exhausting. Thankfully, the weekend is finally here, so you can take some time to unwind since the moon will enter Cancer, its domicile. As the lunation begins, it could encourage you to focus on things that...

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Pisces Weekly Work Horoscope

Week of April 7, 2024

A new financial cycle is here, Pisces! You may feel more hopeful about your means for abundance during the new moon total solar eclipse in Aries on Monday, April 8. The fateful lunation will encourage you to be more open-minded over the next six months. You may have new insight to consider when you...

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Pisces Yearly Work Horoscope

Year of 2024

This is the year for you to learn your true capabilities and live up to your full career expectations, Pisces. As you go through a full transformation and restructuring phase, you will be redefining career goals and breaking through limitations. Short-sightedness can get you into trouble this year....

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