pisces Monthly Work Horoscope for December 2021

Month of December 2021

This is an interesting time for you. An incredible dream could come true toward the end of the month, so keep up your amazing efforts and allow yourself to be inspired!

The month opens with a bang thanks to the lunar eclipse in Sagittarius on December 4, which heightens your desire to succeed at everything you do. As usual, you’re inundated with various tasks and projects, but the main thing to ask yourself at this moment is how you feel right now. Expanding your vision can help you create a more peaceful working environment even with everything on your plate.

When Jupiter, your traditional planetary ruler, aligns with your sun on the twenty-eighth, you’re able to find the right words to express yourself, and this can help you present the pitch you've been obsessing over these last few weeks.

And there are plenty more incredible surprises in the wings. You might even get a strong lead that can bring you even more connections if you play your cards right. There’s nothing but blue skies for you from here on out, which is why it’s time to reach your potential by fully leaning into your career aspirations. You can achieve everything you want now. Go get it!