pisces Monthly Work Horoscope for August 2021

Month of August 2021

August could bring a lot of confusion about the direction you want to take your career. There are a lot of fated events taking place throughout the course of the next 30 days that could augment your professional life for years to come. 

When Venus in Virgo and Neptune retrograde in your sign oppose each other on August 9, you could feel lost on the path you’re walking down. The eleventh brings out the drama that’s been brewing internally when Mars in Virgo squares off with the nodes of destiny. You might decide to take a different path in your professional realm. 

That could be the theme of the brutal energy coming to your work when Mercury in Virgo squares the nodes of destiny on the fifteenth. Consider this your energetic wake-up call and remember that you said you’d take on new work in order to be happy. 

The truth of the matter may be that you haven’t really felt very fulfilled in your career for a long time, and now all the energy that’s been brewing within you is coming to a head. Finding your new role could be confusing, but it’s worth doing. You don’t have to have it all figured out in one day. Think about what sparks your interest and then swim toward that. More importantly, go easy on yourself and believe in your dreams.