sagittarius Monthly Work Horoscope for March 2021

By Lisa Stardust

Month of March 2021 This Month

On March 5, the last quarter moon in your sign brings with it a desire to look deep within yourself for some reevaluation. The last quarter moon, better known as the half-moon, is the perfect time to reflect. You can think of this time as a mirror, showing you what you need to concentrate on now to be better in your work as you move forward. The fact that it occurs in your sign makes it a much more positive experience, and you feel more optimistic and productive.

The moon opposes Venus on the twenty-eighth, and you will likely be craving more attention than usual, possibly even causing boundaries to be a little less clear. If affectionate energies get the better of you, be careful not to make any moves that could be misinterpreted as harassment.

You’re very likely to feel unsure how to increase your income at this time as well, so if you’re currently working on a new budget or debt resolution program, put a pin in it for today. You aren’t likely to get very far with this transit causing complications in this part of your life right now. Be cautious about easing any frustration by overindulging as well, because that will likely be just a knee-jerk attempt to soothe your annoyance.