The Sun in Cancer

Cancer season means it's time to get cozy.

When the sun is in Cancer, it highlights our sense of safety and security. What makes us feel safe and taken care of? For many people, this can bring out family ties (or drama) and is an excellent time to work on deep-seated ancestral or childhood trauma. It's also a great time to strengthen the family bonds you have now, whether they are biological or chosen. Sometimes when the sun is in Cancer, it can feel like riding an emotional roller coaster, as sensitivities run high. If you find yourself feeling extra prickly or prone to passive aggression, indulging in "me time" or self-care is the best antidote to this placement.

Sun in Cancer: Significance & Meaning

Element And Modality: Water & Cardinal

Positive keywords for Sun in Cancer:

  • Complex
  • Domestic
  • Instinctual
  • Maternal
  • Sentimental

Negative keywords for Sun in Cancer:

  • Brooding
  • Indirect
  • Over-emotional
  • Moody
  • Vulnerable

Sun in Cancer Personality

If you lack a "mom friend," seek out a Cancer! Ruled by the moon, those born in the season of the Crab nurture by nature. Few things matter more for Cancers than their loved ones. In their strange sort of psychic way, these individuals can even anticipate others' needs and emotions before they voice them. Unfortunately, Cancers tend to assume that others share their supernatural intuitive skills and are often disappointed when their families and friends don't recognize that their (seemingly) random moodiness has an origin in some three-week-old spat.

Overall, Cancer suns are a sensitive bunch who retreat into their protective shells when the world overwhelms them, which, given their hypersensitive natures, happens more frequently than they'd like to admit. However, at their best, their emotional storms are definitely worth weathering, as the sign's capacity for love and affection is almost unparalleled.

Positive Traits

The past holds a big piece of Cancers' hearts. Therefore, they maintain a solid connection to their family and roots. They are the devoted archivists of memories, birthdays, and maybe even the deepest family secrets. Unlike their sister Capricorn, Cancers welcome emotional depth and closeness. Very few zodiac signs equal Cancer in their intuition and ability to give comfort.

However, one would do well to remember that Crabs have claws. These folks can be incredibly sharp, using their perceptivity for less domestic pursuits such as business or entertainment. Furthermore, as a water sign, they are fairly imaginative, making them great content creators should they choose to go that route.

Negative Traits

Cancer Queen Ariana Grande best defined the Crab's shadow side when she sang, "I can be needy." Unsurprisingly, the zodiac's "mom friend" can (s)mother, drowning their loved ones in tidal waves of emotion—or worse, entirely emotionally withdrawing. Though it isn't typically thought of as such, emotional stonewalling can be incredibly harmful. In this way, Cancerians can be—to use that well-loved buzzword—”toxic.”
br>Even their imagination can curdle, leaving them to frequent flights of fancy or projections—all of which may contribute to their infamous moods. Alas, Crabs can be very crabby creatures.


The zodiac's Crab possesses an undeniable parental energy. Though a little skeptical of strangers, they are caring individuals whose affections—once won—are forever. The past is their playground. Therefore, they find it difficult to detach from people and situations to which they have grown familiar. However, Cancers are not ones to be steamrolled. In their own way, they're very set. Like their sister sign, Capricorn, Cancer suns know how to take care of business—though perhaps with a bit more care.

Overall, those with their sun in Cancer luxuriate in their world of intuition and imagination. When in moderation, this world can give birth to great things!