The Sun in Libra

Libra is represented by the scales of justice, so the sun in Libra is a particularly diplomatic time.

This is the season to strive for balance—especially important after Virgo inspires you to go for the gold and before Scorpio season challenges you to do some deep inner work. Libra season has us investigating all possibilities before making a decision, which can, unfortunately, get you bogged down in details and options. If you find yourself at a crossroads during this time, try and free your mind by paying attention to something beautiful around you. The sun in Libra stimulates a deep appreciation for art and culture, so a museum or gallery visit might be just what you need to free your mind during this time.

Sun in Libra: Significance & Meaning

Element And Modality: Air & Cardinal

Positive keywords for Sun in Libra:

  • Cooperative
  • Fair
  • Romantic
  • Tasteful
  • Thoughtful

Negative keywords for Sun in Libra:

  • Conflict Averse
  • Fence-sitting
  • Indecisive
  • Insincere
  • Superficial

Sun in Libra Personality

"Why can't we all get along?" wonders peaceful Libra. Librans embody the diplomat who seeks tact and equanimity in all interactions. They're fairly even-tempered, so tantrums are fairly uncommon for these natives. In fact, you'll rarely see any overt shows of ill will from those with their sun in Libra. They truly value the public's perception of them and don't like to ruffle feathers unnecessarily. Social savviness is the calling card of this sweet sign.

With their tendency toward sociability, these interactions will be many and their network large. Therefore, Libras can often be found in careers and associations where intermingling is the norm. In fact, one could say that they're motivated by socializing and partnership specifically. As a Venus-ruled air sign, Libra suns simply love love and frequently find themselves in flirtations and dalliances. It's there that these experts in romance truly thrive.

Positive Traits

Those with their sun in Libra radiate charm—internal, external, or both. Their artful approach, in conjunction with their kind and understanding nature, contributes to their general likability. Blessed by Venus herself, a Libra is likely to be well-received in their many social groups.

Whether male or female, they walk with beauty wherever they go—both natural and more intentional—and folks are sure to notice. It's no wonder that the average Libra has at least one or two secret admirers waiting in the wings. Furthermore, Libras love to lend a helping hand, so they're overall a little hard to hate.

Negative Traits

Venus' darling loves to be loved and can compromise themselves excessively to be perceived as such. For this reason, also, Libra suns may avoid confrontation regardless of their displeasure with a situation. They sometimes value the appearance of peace more than its reality.

Additionally, these folks have been known to be a bit waffling where decision-making is concerned. Rather than depending on their own authority, they'll differ to one hundred different opinions before drawing a conclusion. This, of course, slows their process significantly. With their deep desire to please everyone, interactions with Libras may leave you wondering how they really feel. Don't worry—they do too.


Libra suns display a keen awareness of social dynamics. It's no wonder that they shine in communication-based careers and situations. Tap a Libra as your host, and your party is sure to receive rave reviews. They'll make sure that no attendee is left empty-handed or ignored.

With a Ph.D. in Love and Affection, these natives make for the perfect partners, dreaming up romantic rendezvous' that could put Casanova himself to shame. They are the consummate doting partner who relishes in romance. Sure, they may be vacillating at times, but indecisiveness is a small price to pay for beauty and grace.