The Sun in Scorpio

Prepare to get down and get real.

When the sun enters Scorpio, transformations occur. After working on shining our light outward during Leo season and getting organized during Libra season, it's now time to enter the underworld and work on our shadow selves. This season challenges your sense of desire, and you may be forced to work through things you find taboo or frightening. Scorpio season is ultimately about truth and the transformation that accepting reality can bring. It's time for authenticity. This is also one of the most sultry seasons, with sexual energy running high. One thing is for sure: When the sun is in Scorpio, things are never dull!

Sun in Scorpio: Significance & Meaning

Element And Modality: Water & Fixed

Positive keywords for Sun in Scorpio:

  • Regeneration
  • Dogged
  • Magnetic
  • Observant
  • Penetrating

Negative keywords for Sun in Scorpio:

  • Intense
  • Obsessive
  • Petty
  • Secretive
  • Vengeful

Sun in Scorpio Personality

"Still waters run deep" in those with their sun in Scorpio. Despite the deep sea dive it takes to reach them, they're a sign whose depth of emotion and loyalty are actually profound. Scorpio suns care deeply. However, they—perhaps more than any other sign—understand the vulnerability and agony of affection. It's for this reason that they approach romantic and platonic relationships with trepidation. More than anything, these natives fear having their hard-won trust broken and will actively avoid true love in the spirit of self preservation.

Despite the Great Wall of Emotional Unavailability that they put up, these individuals are not without admirers. On account of their mysterious aura, Scorpios have pioneered and perfected the concept of dark sex appeal. Scorpio incarnates the bad boy/girl archetype. They possess certain je ne sais quoi that titillates the senses and piques interest.

Positive Traits

Propelled by Pluto and traditionally Mars, Scorpions possess a drive to maintain a long-term and strategic vision. Their dark, brooding—and dare I say—stubborn mind ensures they untangle any and all mysteries. Though fixed in nature, the sun in Scorpio gives transformative properties to the native.

Like a phoenix, these individuals walk through fire and are renewed. In fact, a Scorpio may encounter the flames of change multiple times throughout their lives. Emotional depths that terrify other signs are those that Scorpio greets as old friends. Pluto's children are a resilient bunch.

Negative Traits

"Once bitten, twice shy" defines the Scorpio ethos. However, what qualifies as a "bite" can be ambiguous, and they can react somewhat unreasonably to relatively minor offenses. Moreover, they keep their sensitivities—of which there can be many—to themselves, so loved ones may not know if they've hit a nerve.

Due to a fear of intimacy, Scorpios sometimes expect openness while offering less in return, creating discord, disequilibrium, and possibly a self-fulfilling prophecy of failure in their intimate relationships. Constantly fearing betrayal and disappointment, the Scorpion stings before danger even approaches.


The private eye of the zodiac does their job well. Sourcing secrets and solving mysteries come easy to Scorpio suns. The realms of love and affections are another thing entirely. As feeling as they are, these individuals aren't the most touchy-feely. In fact, they rather eschew emotional intimacy. They've seen horrors in their lives, but none compare to the fear of a broken heart.

Furthermore, forgiveness isn't exactly a Scorpionic virtue, but with emotional wells as deep as theirs, one can't blame them for their hard(er) hearts. Those with their sun in Scorpio can be difficult to know but are well worth the effort.