Libra Daily Dating Horoscope

June 14, 2024

Open up to a friend and see what interesting things might happen. Share your opinions before they're asked for. Your best bet today is to slow down and let things go at their own pace.

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Daily Singles Horoscope

Your innate magnetism is turned way, way up, so don't be surprised if you're catching eyes just wandering around the grocery store or washing your clothes at the laundromat. Smile!

Daily Beauty Horoscope

Express yourself! Whether you showcase your sporty side with a particularly sassy hoodie or shine a spotlight on your inner adventurer in an array of foreign accessories, prove that clothes are more than just utilitarian.

Libra Weekly Dating Horoscope

Week of June 9, 2024

Monday ought to be a great day for you and your people as long as you're not taking life too seriously or getting involved in anything too heavy. You might want to hang out on your own for a few days in the middle of the week thanks to a need to look inside yourself a little more deeply. Your...

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Libra Monthly Dating Horoscope

Month of June 2024

You’re starting summer vacation early when Mercury enters Gemini on June 3, and you’re ready to hit the road. You’ll meet interesting people, so don’t be afraid to do some flirting during your travels. Love can be a grand adventure during the Gemini new moon on the sixth, so keep an open mind...

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