aries Daily Horoscope for October 21, 2021

October 21, 2021

Thursday’s cosmic landscape poses some challenging terrain to scale, Aries. Your ruling planet, soldiering Mars, spends the day in an emotionally-potent square with truth-revealing Pluto. This pairing is an explosive one that works to uncover any hidden tensions, especially those lurking around your relationship story and your personal sense of ambition. Aim to speak your truth and let some steam off.

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Daily Love

Steer away from temper flare-ups, Aries. Today's Mars-Pluto square is not for the faint of heart, so tread lightly. On another note, the moon will join freedom-loving Uranus via your stability-seeking second house of value systems, adding a shock factor to the mix. Whether you're single or already in a romantic connection, this is your official cue to take a step back if things unexpectedly escalate between you and bae. Power struggles and ego trips are practically inevitable, especially with your planetary ruler, Mars, in the mix. On a brighter note, Venus' thrill-seeking transit through adventurous Sagittarius promises to deliver. You learn something new every day.

Daily Work

Aries, your ability to get the ball rolling at work today may be difficult as Mars squares Pluto. This square creates tension, as you will want to get going but may struggle with picking up where you left off or even the next few steps to transform your current venture at work. The square can also provide you ample time to consider all of your options, which may result in you creatively tackling your work from a different angle. So, when you feel frustrated, take a step back to consider all angles and options.

Daily Dating

You have the power to change the way you look, so enlist a workout buddy to turn drudgery into fun -- healthy habits are what you need right now. Kick a new fitness routine into high gear to give yourself a jump-start and ditch this boring bout of complaining.

Daily Bonus

Take your time today and don't rush ahead of everyone else. You need their energy.