Cancer Monthly Dating Horoscope

Month of May 2023

May blooms some deep emotional connections when Juno enters Gemini on May 1. Sharing secrets can build a stronger connection. Especially since your best date night will be during the Scorpio lunar eclipse on the fifth. Magical love affairs can happen, Cancer, but make sure you’re not having so much fun that others get hurt.

Don’t forget to fall in love with yourself this month when Venus enters your sign on May 7. Put yourself first and love will come to you. When Mercury finally goes direct in Taurus on the fourteenth, take some amazing selfies, download some dating apps, and get out there! 

Especially since the rest of the year will be very social for you once Jupiter enters Taurus on May 16. You might fall in love with your friends. Especially as the Taurus new moon brings romantic windfalls on the nineteenth. A situtationship could easily turn into the real deal. 

Invest your time wisely when Mars enters Leo on May 20. Don’t waste your time on dead-end dates. Find people who can see your worth. That person might be you when the sun enters Gemini the next day. You need to heal your heart before dating again. 

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