Sagittarius Monthly Work Horoscope

Month of June 2024

Your fiery ways are a little more subdued for the first few days of this month, as you are feeling more pensive than usual. Your business prospects aren’t moving as fast as you would like, which is causing you to focus on creating things on a deeper level. This will be what serves your insatiable thirst for knowledge at this time. There’s plenty of internal growth happening then, which can feel quite demanding and possibly overwhelming. 

You will be more engaged and connected to your creative desires during the new moon on June 6. The reason for this innate change is because you are experiencing a professional awakening. 

The full moon on the twenty-first will influence you toward a completely different career track than you would have ever considered for yourself in the past. Think of this time as your gift from the Universe to truly delve into the subjects you once considered taboo for yourself to even study. You might even consider subjects of philosophy and theory as your current source of business inspiration.

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