Yearly Horoscope for 2021

Year of 2021

Prepare for a pivotal year in your life, Leo, as the planets above are shifting your path forever. While 2020 posed many collective challenges, we will see the next stage in our global evolution take place in the year ahead. All Leos will have plenty of reason to celebrate throughout 2021—both in love and career. Peer into what the stars predict for your year ahead!

At the end of 2020, two powerful planets moved across the sky from you and will remain there predominantly throughout all of 2021. Saturn—the taskmaster planet that rules life lessons and always forces you to grow stronger—will stand directly across the sky from you until 2023. This Saturn opposition represents a significant turning point in any person’s life.

On one hand, it may signal that many Leos will have a harder time pursuing their personal goals and plans at this time, as Saturn will stand as an obstacle in your path. This opposition often manifests as a time when everything that you wish for becomes harder to attain as authority figures, bosses, or partners are at odds with you and will clash often and inconveniently.

Leos will look at 2021 as a time when they were required to become much clearer about what they wanted and how they wished to get it. With such lovely cosmic alignments encouraging personal growth and happiness, you'll need to temper the blessings as you face the obstacles that are sure to also manifest as well.

This is because the Universe wants to help all Leos grow and become stronger than ever before. This year begins a life chapter about perseverance—one where karma proves that you're steel forged through fire. Focus and grit will be needed now. Challenges will redirect you, and any relationships that fade will push you to understand what kinds of unions actually fulfill you and what kinds were just holding you back.

One thing you can say about 2021 is that it won't be a comfortable or relaxing year. Instead, it will feel like an obstacle course with a glorious, golden trophy at the end. You must work strategically to move forward, all the while surrounding yourself with soul mates and other perfect partners. Even if you sometimes feel alone, you're most certainly not. Just learn how to rely on the people who actually have your back.

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