Yearly Horoscope for 2021

Year of 2021

You're the dreamiest sign in the zodiac, lovely Pisces, with an abundance of compassion and kindness. Your ability to intuit other people's feelings is a gift, but remember that it can be a curse as well, especially when somebody takes advantage of your sweet nature.

Just like every other year, you'll be confronted with new lessons on how to navigate the real world without sacrificing your delicate disposition. Luckily, you'll also receive plenty of opportunities to connect with truly good people who can help restore your faith in humanity, should you find it wavering.

The beginning of the year will be quite busy for you, especially around networking within your own community. Use the energy during this first part of January to analyze your circle so that you can figure out who is and who is not a genuine friend.

While you do have an expansive community of people you refer to as "friends," you'd do well to check in with what that word actually means, and how it pertains to the people you label as such. The energy on January 14 will be especially transformative for this purpose as the sun and Pluto conjunct in Capricorn.

As the sign of the Fish, you know how to move with the tides, lovely Pisces. However, you can sometimes be pulled away with the current if you don't put in the effort to fight against it. As the most compassionate sign of the zodiac, it is imperative that you find ways to speak up and advocate for yourself. This year will bring a lot of reflective energy your way, forcing you to look at your boundaries and whether or not others are taking advantage of you.

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For Pisces zodiac sign, 2021 should be a great year for love. As Jupiter crosses your sign from May 13-July 28, your otherworldly aura is turned up to 11. Others see you as being “in this world, but not of it.” And this attracts all kinds of lovers and admirers your way.

Don't be afraid to question your relationships this year, especially during the first couple of months in 2021. January 14 will be a powerful day for everyone as the sun forms a conjunction with Pluto, forcing us to analyze our identities.

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After all the stimulation and activity from the holiday season and New Year, you're likely to need a big personal time out toward the end of January. By all means, take it! When you allow yourself to quiet down and retreat for a bit, you'll be able to sort through your own emotions and personal career goals. Use Aquarius season in 2021 to sit with yourself so that you can analyze your goals, how you get in your own way with said goals, and how you can move forward to embrace these accomplishments.

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