Capricorn Yearly Horoscope

Year of 2023

Your life is all about hard work and reaching your goals, Capricorn, even when it comes to your personal life. Will you be just as ambitious this year as you have been before? You’re ready to go full speed ahead, but it looks like the Universe might have a few reasons to ask you to slow down in 2023!

Strong-minded Saturn visits innovative Aquarius at the start of the year, encouraging you to play up your unique abilities and talents. As an earth sign, you tend to want to follow rules and go with the general flow, but this offbeat influence has you trying new things and experimenting with different personas to see which one fits.

The world gets to see your softer side when Saturn moves into sensitive Pisces in early March, and frustration will be inevitable during its retrograde cycle from mid-June to early November. 

However, Capricorn, there’s still nothing you can’t handle when your trademark determination kicks in. It’s just combined with a compassionate perspective that others aren’t used to seeing from you.

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