Taurus Yearly Horoscope

Year of 2023

Your sign is strong-willed and stubborn, Taurus, and you’re self-aware enough not to fight that rep. Of course, you tend to think that you always have a good reason for your bullish behavior, but this year there are some planetary movements that take you out of your comfort zone and test that infamous iron will. As a fixed sign, resistance to change is always present, but adapting should be one of your goals in 2023.

Love and money issues are the focus now, and you willingly place a lot of expectations on yourself to follow through with goals and succeed despite whatever obstacles are thrown in your way. The higher you set the bar, Taurus, the higher you’re willing to jump.

Like every year, the sun moves into your determined sign in late April, welcoming in a month of methodical stability and more gritty determination. Of course, as a Bull you know all too well that the flip side of that can be stubbornness (along with an unfortunate dose of possessiveness), but if you can find a way to keep some of your more negative qualities under control, you can be unstoppable. 

And as a side benefit, the projects and plans that get started during your birthday month are sure to grow into massive successes. If you’ve managed to save a bit of cash (as most money-savvy Bulls are known to do), it’s time to buy yourself a luxurious b-day splurge to celebrate your fabulousness.

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