Virgo Yearly Horoscope

Year of 2024

Virgo, you’re a practical, logical earth sign guided by common sense and ruled by mentally agile Mercury, our planetary information, technology, and all-around communication guru. You pride yourself on your strong work ethic, steady routine, and ability to work as a valuable part of a team. But with Saturn moving through compassionate Pisces, your house of relationships and your zodiac opposite, this year, you’ll face challenges that could affect how you interact with the people closest to you.

Your leader Mercury starts the year retrograde for just part of one day while partnered with Sagittarius before turning direct and then later heading into like-minded Capricorn mid-month. You’ll still be feeling the effects of retrograde Mercury’s usual shake-up for most of the month, but the aftershocks aren’t nearly as strong. Make note of the other retrograde periods (April 1–25 in Aries, August 4–28 in Virgo and Leo, and November 25–December 15 in Sagittarius) and you’ll notice that they all have a fire sign influence, with the one in August briefly in your sign. All the same rules apply. You can’t put your life on hold entirely when your home planet acts out, Virgo, but using caution is always advised.

As always, the sun spends its usual time in your sign from late August to late September, and with Saturn affecting your personal relationships all year, you might be experiencing some growing pains at this point. If you usually spend your birthday with friends or your SO, you might decide to spend it exclusively with family this year. Or you might have a new bestie to establish a new birthday tradition with, or you might want to spend it alone. However you choose to welcome in a new year of you, this birthday will be more contemplative for sure.

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