Virgo Yearly Love Horoscope

Year of 2023

Part of getting what you want out of your love life is knowing what you want, Virgo, so what are you in the mood for in 2023? True love with a soul mate? A series of casual encounters? Something in between? If you aren’t sure, you have some major decisions to make in the year ahead.

As a logical earth sign, you tend to be reserved and calculating when it comes to love, but this year your love life benefits from Luna’s presence in rebellious, nontraditional Aquarius during the new moon at the end of January. 

This eccentric lunation is the perfect time for you to meet new people and make new contacts, Virgo! And the best part about getting out of your comfort zone and making new connections is that even if they don’t turn out to be romantic in nature, you still gain a lot by mixing things up.

The new moon in fellow earth sign Taurus later in May looks promising for your love life too, so why not give in to the passionate lunar energy? Paying close attention to your heightened senses improves the general vibe of a date, and tastes, sights and sounds can be very sensual when you’re with the right person during this attentive lunation.

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