Pisces Rising

Meaning of Rising Sign

Pisces rising means that Pisces was the zodiac sign that was on the eastern horizon at the time of your birth. As a Pisces rising, you're ruled by water, and your ruling planet is Neptune, the planet of intuition, spirituality, dreams and illusions.


The attention span of a Pisces rising is practically non-existent. And that's all because of Neptune's dreamy haze around their minds. This placement is constantly living in the clouds. They might walk with a bit of a skip in their step or constantly look around at their surroundings. Basically, they are the ones most likely to quite literally run into someone, as they're walking down the street.

Because Pisces rules the hands and feet, they might have more plump extremities—much like fins on a fish. This sign could also find that their feet are sensitive after long days standing up, and they would do well with a foot massage.

As a mutable (moving) water sign, Pisces rising's appearances can be similar to a stream: flowing, morphing, changing. So, their facial expressions can have a round, soft grace to them that “absorb” or draw people in.

Finally, this sign has very interesting tastes in clothing. You might find them in artistic scraps, spiritual garb or with blues and greens—the color of the sea.


  • Aloof
  • Compassionate
  • Creative
  • Easygoing
  • Escapist
  • Interesting
  • Loving
  • Quiet
  • Trusting


Often quirky, quiet and soft-spoken, Pisces rising is just here for a “chill” time. They are very easygoing, anti-confrontational and prepared to drop anything for a friend at a moment's notice.

Any sign that's ruled by the dreamy planet Neptune is bound to have zero restraints on the mind. This makes Pisces rising an open-minded and detached individual but also impressionable as well. This person is more likely to believe anything they come across—without question.

What's interesting about Pisces rising is that they are so incredibly keen to give to others, yet they often forget to give to themselves. This placement doesn't have very structured boundaries. So, while this makes them easy to talk to, it also makes them vulnerable to others who take advantage of their kind and giving hearts.

Pisces is a very intuitive water sign—one that resonates most with spirituality and healing. They tend to have a natural psychic bond with those who need to find closure or healing from a traumatic past. This quality makes for a great spiritual worker, such as a psychic or Tarot reader.

There is a fair amount of quirkiness to Pisces that others don't necessarily understand—but also can't help but watch. This sign might tend to have interesting mannerisms or movements and idiosyncratic routines.

The first impression an Pisces rising gives off to others is someone dreamy, kind and gentle. To approach a Pisces rising is to approach an energy that would be similar to your grandmother's. They are some of the most kind-hearted people out there.